So You Think You Want To Be A Lifestyle Journalist

Lifestyle journalism is a significant yet underrated part of journalism. It has been defined in journalism by a negative connotation. It has been described in terms of what it does not cover.

From the journalistic point of view, lifestyle journalism can be understood as an amalgamation of journalistic beats that often deals with soft news, cultures, arts, travel, fashion, relationships, health, etcetera. Because these beats appeal to the masses and a general audience, it has been ascribed synonyms like consumer journalism, popular journalism, culture journalism, and service journalism.

But is that all? Does that give you an understanding of lifestyle journalism? Absolutely not!

Lifestyle journalism is unique and one of a kind. It is a form of journalism that makes an impact on the readers on a personal level. It has sub-categories of food, travel, health, or fashion journalism.


Hard News Versus Soft News

It has been a much-debated topic whether lifestyle journalism should be given its due credit. A significant portion of the student community pursuing journalism believes that since lifestyle journalists have relationships with the advertising and public relations industry, they compromise their morals. It is also accepted that since hard news deals with the facts and figures, the information served is factually correct and devoid of bias.

However, little do they know that when corporate content or hard news has to be delivered to the audience, the journalists are provided with a considerable amount of information from their sources to work on their stories.

Lifestyle journalists, on the contrary, have to think profoundly and dig deeper to curate content for their audience. They have to work with their imagination and put their ideas on paper while remaining honest and trustworthy.


Hard News Versus Soft News
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Specialized Content

When we talk about lifestyle journalism, as mentioned earlier, it can be about art, culture, cuisine, fashion, beauty, product reviews, and much more. Because lifestyle journalism covers such a wide range of topics, it is frequently up to the writer to decide what they want to cover and emphasize.

However, the freedom to write on topics brings the arduous task of research and getting thorough with the subject they are writing about. They have to make sure that the information they provide is entirely correct. They have to dive into specific details while writing about a particular genre or subject.


Enhances Vocabulary

The news is written directly when reporting a crime, investigation, politics, or any other serious topic. However, when writing for a lifestyle segment, one has to get hold of vocabulary, mainly adjectives, to build mood, feelings and stimulate the readers’ senses.

For instance, while reviewing a hotel, one can use adjectives like lush green area, spacious rooms, beautiful architecture, etc. But while writing a news piece related to crime, including murder, there is no need to use synonyms or adjectives.


Enhances Vocabulary

Scope Of Lifestyle Journalism

With the rise of lifestyle magazines in present times, lifestyle journalism is getting noticed. Colleges worldwide now offer masters and diplomas in lifestyle journalism. It clearly reflects that the journalism fraternity has started taking this once called the ‘not-so serious’ journalism seriously. University Of The Arts in London offers one of the reputed masters in lifestyle journalism.


So, do not shy away from writing about beaches, cafes, fashion, and much more if you want to grow as a professional writer. Lifestyle journalism is the perfect blend of creative writing and providing information to people in personalized and conversational ways. It helps you upskill the craft in your writing techniques while challenging you to learn new and descriptive words. A lifestyle journalist aims not to avoid but take up the cliches and then present them in a manner to the audience so that they do not feel the monotony of having them known previously. It can be believed that you take the unoriginal idea and present it in a brand new avatar to your readers with your creative writing ability.



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