Should You Give Podcasts a Try?

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by content, it can be quite difficult to decide which medium to enjoy. When you have the choice between movies, books, and music, are podcasts worth your time? Spoiler alert; the answer is yes!

It seems that regardless of the activity we do, we always want something on in the background. Some blame that on our shortening attention spans and the fast-paced world of the internet. Others claim that background ‘noise’ is the only way to stay motivated while completing boring daily tasks. And while in the past music has been one of the main go-to mediums for such purpose, the audio industry has expanded and evolved to include podcasts. These are independent shows brought to you by people you enjoy listening to and can center around an infinite range of topics. 

But are podcasts really worth your time? Can they replace that one music album you have on repeat? Let’s dive into some of the reasons why people like listening to them and discover if they really are for you.


You Can Still Multitask

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Perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of listening to podcasts is that you can do so while completing other daily and somewhat dull tasks such as cleaning, driving, or cooking. With our busy schedules and hectic lives, it’s always necessary to find time to relax and take a breath. The best thing about podcasts is that they allow you to do just that, adding a little pleasure to your day while you still get some work done. Try listening to a true-crime podcast and uncover the killer while you commute to work, or give comedy shows a shot and laugh off a hard day.


Can Be a Great Source for Inspiration

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Just like you can find a film, documentary, or show about almost anything these days, there are hundreds of different podcast genres ranging from sports, mystery, education, financing and budgeting to relationship advice and lifestyle tips. And while the number of different podcasts can seem very daunting, especially to someone who hates making decisions, usually most shows have an introduction episode or a trailer that allows you to get a feel of the hosts and their content.

Now, not only can some of these shows be educational while entertaining, but they can also be a great motivator that pushes you towards achieving your goals. This is because when you put on a podcast, you get access to the host(s) personal experience in their area of expertise. As they go through episodes discussing mistakes they’ve made and lessons they’ve learned, deciding to start your own journey toward a similar goal can become less scary. They and their experiences become a clutch you can lean on in the beginning until you don’t need it anymore.

Furthermore, with the wide variety of podcast topics, you can accidentally stumble upon ones you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before and discover a hidden love for a new skill or activity. Or perhaps you’ll find a host that lived through the same personal issue you have now and realize a solution you hadn’t thought of before.


Keep Your Brain Stimulated

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The blue light of our screens seems to illuminate our faces for an embarrassing number of hours throughout our day. And while scrolling through our phones or sitting in front of the television can offer a certain kind of relaxation as you mindlessly consume what’s in front of you, it’s no surprise that they can numb our minds. Listening to podcasts on the other hand can help keep your brain active and still require little to no energy from you. 

 Podcasts push listeners to use their imagination and visualize the scene they are setting. Soon you’ll be able to see that lone house in the woods where the murder happened or imagine that one super embarrassing interaction your host is currently telling you about between their ex. And as you build more and more images in your mind, your imagination will only grow more vivid, and your creativity can run wild. 



There are many reasons why people decide to listen to podcasts. There are those who follow certain shows because they relate so much to the hosts and like feeling like they’re not alone in our massive world. There are those who listen to episodes with the intention of taking something away, whether that be a lesson or a piece of new information. There are those who just enjoy the company of the people talking knowing that they’ll end up having a good laugh.

Now if none of those reasons apply to you, let me try to convince you one last time and remind you that you can assess podcasts anywhere in the world, at any time, for free. Why not give it a shot? 

Who knows, maybe you’ll love them so much, you’ll decide to start your own show! Just promise to remember me when the awards and recognition start streaming in; after all, it was I who persuaded you to start listening.


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