Searching For the Right Degree

Sometimes there are too many choices and other times not enough. Finding the right bachelor or masters degree can be a challenge.

A lot of people when going through high school have some sort of idea as to which field they’re headed into college-wise. Maybe in high school your favorite subject was English and now you’re looking to get into a study field that relates to that. However, it’s difficult to feel certain about choosing your future path at such a young age. And then when it comes to master degrees, having spent a few years studying a more general interest with bachelors, now you have to make a further and just as (if not more) important decision. A feeling of full certainty might never come but how exactly can you make sure that you’re at least choosing a field that you can see yourself in the future enjoying studying? 


Follow Your Interests

A good rule of thumb is to always follow your heart and curiosity with studying. If you have a subject that raises interest in you, then that’s a good starting place. By the time you’re ready to leave for college, you’ve at least spent about 12 years in school. Think back on those years and see if there is anything that sort of sticks out to you. A subject you loved studying for perhaps, and see if it piques your interests to follow it even further. Try to find out why you were invested in it, was it just because the professor was good, or was there something more there. 

You have to be aware that typically college requires more out of you than high school. As such, if you have chosen something you have interest in, then all those long nights of staying up late and preparing for exams will become slightly less anxiety-inducing as this is something that you chose. Following your heart can rarely lead to regrets later on, just make sure you know what you want first and then follow it thoroughly. 


Be Prepared

Preparation of the key to success and it often helps way more than you expect. Research as much as possible about student life and what the degree you’re looking to apply to includes. Maybe there are some things that you do not fit with your plans, see if the number of semesters is right, if the professors are well equipped, if the campus is good enough, contact former or current students for more extended information etc. These are all things you can do beforehand so that you are sure you’re making the right decision moving forward. 

Especially if you’re looking to study in a place a little far from home, doing as much research as you can could be the key to truly being secure in your decision. Don’t just apply to places without giving it a second thought, be sure you have your field of study in mind and that you know what to expect once you actually get there to live and study. Your next few years depend on you making a decent decision and while there’s no need to feel too much pressure, this is where preparation comes in and helps calm the nerves. 


Master Search

Searching for the follow-up to your bachelor studies can be a hassle. There are instances when your first degree leads directly to your second but there are also different instances when you either have multiple choices for your master degree or maybe you want to switch it up a tiny bit. Obviously, most master degree application require you to have in possession a bachelor degree that’s in a similar filed to the one you’re applying to now, but there can be a bit choice freedom at times. 

Once again even here you need to first check with your own self and ask yourself if you want to keep going down this very path that you already started. If yes, then finding a master degree that is of a similar field to your bachelor should not be too difficult. Perhaps even the same university or college you did your bachelor in may offer a master degree similar to that. Hence, in that scenario you may continue your journey without having to put too much thought into the immediate-future. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking to switch it up a little bit, or maybe looking for a master degree in a completely different country, then you have some decisions to make. Although the good news is that you can pretty much find any information you may need just by using Google. Searches like “Master Degrees in France / Germany / USA” will all offer enough results that’ll keep you occupied for a long time. 

Just take down notes, talk to people who are going through or may have already been through similar experiences and you should be fine. Your future is bright if you follow what you have interest in, and as such good luck on your journey to following your heart. 


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