Raw Veganism – A Completely New Way Of Life

We have all heard about vegetarians and vegans, but there are many kinds of veganism, such as raw veganism, which has become more and more popular across the world. Raw veganism excludes all products which come from animals and also any food which is cooked above 48°C. This diet includes raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, herbs, mushrooms, fresh juices, etc. Vegans believe that cooking destroys the micronutrients and hold that cooking is dangerous.

Vegans are mostly motivated by health and spiritual concerns, and that is the case with the founder of the blog Marina Grubic, a website “HealthGlows” and a YouTube channel at which she teaches about her low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle. She is originally from Serbia, and besides her work on the blog, she is a Vinyasa yoga teacher, an art teacher, a low fat raw vegan chef, a model, and a stage actress. So far, she has visited about 25 different countries in the world, some of which she has visited more than once, and in some of them she has actually lived, like, for example, Thailand, the Philippines, New York, Virginia, England, Montenegro, Switzerland, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Tropical life

Marina has lived in Serbia a large part of her life, but since she loves discovering other countries and cultures, not just as a tourist, but from the perspectives of the people living there, she has traveled and lived at different places for considerable periods of time.

– By actually living in different countries, I get the experience of diverse living styles and places on our Planet. And how do I do that? I love this question. Here is the secret: I book a flight, I rent a place to live, I pack, and I go. As easy as that. However, note that some of my business is on-line, so I am place-independent.

Marina loves to be near the ocean, in the jungle, surrounded by palm trees, flowers, and butterflies. One of her passions is also discovering tropical fruits, and she is even the humble author of the book titled Tropical Fruit Guide. She says it is hard for her to choose only one country to speak about, because each country she has visited is unique on its own, with its advantages and disadvantages.

– I went to Thailand for the first me in 2014, and since then I might say I live there part-time. My duty there is to be happy. Actually, my daily life is more or less the same wherever I am, because I always take myself with me. 😉 Just being with the same-minded people enjoying life and celebrating health, love, and daily living is enough for me. On the other hand, I am in love with the beauty and cleanliness of Switzerland, I love the wilderness of Malaysian Borneo, I believe I am a New Yorker in my heart, Belgium and Bali reveal two absolutely different architecture styles, and I love them both!

Marina’s life philosophy

In her videos on YouTube she speaks about income and the ways of income, about creating your own life, happiness, success, etc. She wants to share with us her life philosophy and her beliefs since she states that people can be satisfied and successful only if they do what they want. Marina believes in the law of attraction and the power of positive thoughts.

– Life experiences are thought projections. And this is not my belief, this is a simple law of the Universe. Wealth is not just money earned, but the freedom – happiness – money ratio. When you do what your heart wants you to, you are enriching yourself and the world around you.

Raw veganism

And finally, she has done all of these things so far because she has experienced a completely new way of life with raw veganism. Marina has been on a low fat, raw vegan diet since February of 2012. Her diet consists of whole, ripe, fresh, organic fruits and tender leaves with a small amount of nuts and seeds. She is on a fruit-based diet because fruit is the only food that makes her feel so vibrant.

– On the other hand, I am vegan because I respect LIFE. When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see a living, sentient being that is pure love. I would not be able to live with myself if I sent that being to be slaughtered. When I was still in kindergarten, I witnessed my pet bunny being slaughtered, and that was my stepping-stone into the decision to be kind and respectful towards others’ lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Marina explains that veganism is not only about food but is also about a completely new way of living. She says that she has changed her perception of the world, and with her dietary change she has become a new person.

– I realized what the real values in life were and how to be happy. For example: it is only fruitarians who understand the happiness found in: ripe, good fruit; going to the farmer’s market; picking fruit from trees and finding a fruit tree in the jungle. Also, with a fruit-based diet, I have boundless of energy, and I find so much joy in exercising and just enjoying health.

The biggest prejudice about veganism: the protein myth

Marina says that the biggest prejudice about veganism would be: the protein myth. She says that protein recommendations have been set up by the slaughtering industries – the meat and milk industries.

– The truth is: the more protein in one’s diet, the more the health decline will be. Fruit contains the exact same amount of easily obtainable amino acids as found in human milk and about 5% of the calories. This is what humans thrive on. More than this – and especially in the form of de-animated cooked proteins – destroys one’s health.

Some research results state that being a vegan is healthier, but some say completely the opposite. For example, meat is often an object of discussion with many scientists saying that we cannot get enough energy if we don’t eat meat. On the other hand, Marina Grubic says that, fortunately, there is a replacement for dead carcasses. She states that once you free yourself from the heavy burden of eating dead carcasses, you are free and your health blossoms as your body rejuvenates.

– We should educate ourselves and find the answers in the great master who knows all and whose wisdom is limitless: Nature. All animals within any given species eat the same. Comparative anatomy gives us a clear picture that we are frugivores – creatures whose natural diet is fruits and tender greens. I am currently finishing my studies with the Vibrant Health And Wealth Academy and there you can find many of the answers you need.

Marina believes that the countries with the greatest percentage of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and other modern maladies, are the countries with the greatest percentage of animal product intake. She explains that unbiased studies of the longest-living peoples reveal that the longest-living and healthiest nations eat predominantly plant-based diets.

Raw food tastes good: Advice about preparing vegan food

Marina eats food according to the season, and probably her favorite month is December, when ripe persimmons make it into her lunch every day. She either eats them as they are, or she blends them with raw carob powder into a thick pudding.

Smoothies are not healthy?

Smoothies are very popular today, but Marina has a different opinion about this type of juice. She says there are so many reasons why smoothies are not a healthy food choice, and she explains that she cannot give any advice for smoothies, except: stay away from them. She claims that our systems cannot process all this fruit at the same time.

Photos: From the archive of Marina Grubic.

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