Professor Proposes Allowing Students To Choose Grades To Reduce Stress

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Harassment and sexual assaults in Australian universities revealed in a survey

A survey conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission found that one in five of students in Australia had experienced sexual harrasment in a university setting. In total, 30,930 students at 39 universities have been surveyed. Harrassment can include unwelcome touching, unwanted requests for a date, staring or leering, pressure for sex, intrusive questions about private life, emails and gifts. 94 per cent of students who have been sexually harassed did not make a formal complaint to university.

Professor identified as a spy in Singapore

The employment of Professor Huang Jing has been terminated by the National University of Singapore and his suspension will start ”with immediate effect”. The university’s statement says that he ”deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense”. Chinese-born professor and United States citizen will be banned from re-entering the country and his residency status will be revoked. The foreign country involved has not been named, but he is accused of collaborating with foreign intelligence agents and his pro-Chinese government views that he wanted to use to make the Singapore government change its foreign policy.

Professor proposes allowing students to choose grades to reduce stress

The Univeristy of Georgia business professor Dr. Richard Watson set out new policies for two of his fall business courses at the university. Watson wants to implement something that he calls “stress reduction policy” so students can avoid unpleasant emotional reactions in his classroom. He said that students should use their books, notes and laptop materials during an exam. If the students feel stressed by a grade, they can send an e-mail proposing the grade they think it is appropriate and in that case it would be changed. He also stated that only positive comments about presentation will be given in the classroom.

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