Professional Hairstyles for Men

Perhaps you need ideas for a professional-looking hairstyle? Fortunately, this post recommends haircuts that your boss will not frown at.

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No matter how many times people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it still doesn’t stop people from doing precisely that. It’s the same way people love to preach about the beauty within and still uphold pretty privilege. The bottom line is that appearances do matter, especially in professional settings where people typically have shallow connections.

From your hairstyle to the state of your fingernails, there are judgments to be made. So, if you’re just getting into the 9-to-5 work scene or have no idea what constitutes a professional hairstyle, please read on. The following is a list of professional hairstyles for men that I took the time to compile just for you.

Buzz Cut

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This military-inspired haircut is as professional as professional gets. The Buzz cut, with its many variations, is known to be simple and low-maintenance. The style is characterized by a short and uniform hair length all around your head.

It also looks good on just about every face shape besides the triangle face shape. Nonetheless, it’s one hairstyle that saves you time. Just shower and go — no stress with styling and all that jazz.


Crew Cut

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A close relative of the buzz cut is the crew cut. The haircut is one where the hair on the crown of your head is relatively short. Then the hair on both sides of your head is kept shorter and or faded.

Like the buzz cut, this style is very low maintenance and works all right in formal settings. Men with all types of face shapes can rock this haircut.


Faux Hawk



If you are trying to find a healthy balance between unique and professional, you can go with the Faux Hawk. It’s a less dramatic offshoot of the Mohawk.

With the Faux Hawk, you have short and mostly tapered hair on the sides with moderate hair length on top of your head. It’s also quite easy to style. For trendy ways to rock a faux hawk, you can take a look at WiseBarber’s Faux Hawk article.



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The Slicked-Back hairstyle is a classic that was very popular between the 1930s and the 1960s. This style exudes elegance and simplicity. However, it might seem a little out of place for an everyday work setting. It’s the type of hairstyle you don to dinners, grand openings, and red carpets.

To achieve this style, all you need is a comb, some strong-holding gel or pomade, a blowdryer, and at least 3 or 4 inches of hair. If styled correctly, your hair stays in place for a long time and makes you look neat.



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pexels анна хазова 4892782

Although Elvis Presley is credited for popularizing the pompadour hairstyle, the style dates back to the 18th century. To execute this style, you need about 4 inches of hair on the top of your head. Then the sides and the back feature short hair.

The pompadour hairstyle is tricky as it takes time and careful styling to achieve. So, if you don’t have the time, perhaps you should sit this one out.

Many more hairstyles could make the cut for what counts as professional-looking. The most important thing is making sure that you find what is suitable for you. Altogether, there is a level of importance that one should place on their appearance in the workplace or any formal setting.

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