Poorer Graduates Struggle For Jobs As Unpaid Internships Soar

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events.

The number of refugee university students is rising steeply

The EU arrangement with Turkey has effectively sealed off the Balkans route via which refugees passed through to Central and Western Europe, and there has since been a sharp drop in the number of refugees entering the West. However, according to a survey conducted by the HRK, representing the heads of German universities among its member institutions, a total of 1,140 refugees are currently enrolled for studies, which is five times as many as half a year ago. Furthermore, refugees have consulted course and career guidance services 24,000 times during the last winter semester – more than twice as many times as in the previous semester.

HIV test kits sold in Chinese universities’ vending machines

Harbin Medical University is the second university in Heilongjiang province to sell the test kits through vending machines, joining the Harbin University of Science and Technology, Xinhua has reported. The move is part of an HIV prevention initiative undertaken by the Chinese Association of STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, which installed nine of the specialised vending machines in five universities across China last year. Around 2,320 students between the ages of 15 and 24 tested positive last year, four times the number in 2010. 

Poorer graduates struggle for jobs as unpaid internships soar

A new report from the IPPR think tank estimates that the number of internships has risen by as much as 50% since 2010, as the number of advertised graduate-entry jobs have sharply declined. The temporary positions are now considered a “must have” on the CV of any young person seeking a job, with nearly half of professional employers saying that candidates without work experience “have little or no chance of receiving a job offer”. The think tank reports that “Internships are acting as a barrier to social mobility, rather than being a driver of it.”

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