Plan To Sell Off Billions Of Pounds Worth Of Student Debt To Private Companies Has Began

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Enrolments of international graduates in the USA rise while total number of applications decline

In a report by Washington-based non-profit Council of Graduate School we can see that enrolments of first-time international graduate students in the USA increased by five per cent in autumn 2016. At the same time, there was a lag in growth in total number of international applications from three per cent in 2015 to one per cent in 2016. This happened despite an increase in applications from Chinese graduate students who constitute the majority of international students. Decrease in applications from countries such as South Korea and Brazil was notable. Applications of students from Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East have also dropped by twenty per cent.

Cambridge student burns money in front of homeless man

After an incident in which Pembroke College student burns money in front of the homeless in the city centre has been shared on Snapchat, Cambridge University Conservative Association decided to expel him from the organization. They said his membership was revoked and there is no place in their association for people who behave like this. When asked to comment, his mother explained that his behavior is very surprising since he did two years of volunteering at Stockbridge homeless shop and his family is not ”toff.”

Plan to sell off billions of pounds worth of student debt to private companies has began

Controversial plan, launched by the UK government, will be used to sell off billions of pounds worth of student debt to private companies. Some of the graduates who took their loans before 2012 will have to repay it to private lenders who bought contract from the Student Loans Company. National Union of Students does not approve this move, calling it ”an ugly move.” Many people think this move is bizarre, and privatization of the debt is ”outrageous.” This sale of the student loan book to the highest bidder could prove to be very risky decision, because this money could be spent on services over the long term.

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