Papers In Top Journals Offer Up To € 141,700 To Chinese Scholars

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Papers in top journals offer up to EUR 141,700 to Chinese scholars

A recent analysis shows that Chinese universities are openly offering large sums of money in return for scientific articles by high-profile authors. Journals such as Nature and Science can pay up to $43,783 per published article. The amount of money scholars receive for their published works has increased drastically over the past 10 years.

First-class degrees awarded by UK universities are soaring

The number of top degree grades awarded by UK universities has risen significantly. According to BBC, some universities are awarding first-class degrees to as many as one third of their students. Last year, the University of Surrey awarded first-class degrees to 41 percent of its graduates, and in comparison to the number of these degrees awarded five years ago, the figures have doubled. From 1994 to 2017, the proportion of firsts has more than trebled, from 7 percent to 24 percent.

Taking the SAT or the ACT could help low-income students in the USA

In order to have a good shot at a quality education, minorities and low-income students need to take the right test. According to NYT, Administrative barriers to the identification of talented students could be reduced by two standard college admission examinations – the SAT and the ACT. Students from wealthy background are six times more likely than those less advantaged to earn university degrees. There are testing-fee waivers available for low-income students, but they are largely underused. These types of exam cannot close the gap between rich and poor students, but in states such as Illinois, Michigan, Maine, and Colorado the increased use of standardized tests has produced measurable improvements. The cost of these tests being less than $50 per student could be an additional reason to use them.

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