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Youth Time are back with more open and free webinars for all young people. This time we are focusing on sustainability within business and how this will impact our futures.

Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability

Join open webinars series of Youth Time International Movement and learn more about future skills in workplace sustainability during the pandemic. Everyone is welcome to apply following this link.

This is your time to not just gain more information, but increase your knowledge, instigate conversations, and ask questions, don’t miss this opportunity!

The first webinar will be on Wednesday 25th of November 2020 @ 2pm CET (Central European Time).

Title:‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ Webinar Series

How qualified are most workforces, what effect does this have on future workplace sustainability, and is it time for education re-form?

 Speaker: Karina Kubelkova 

This webinar would be suited to all from all backgrounds.

If you have a business or looking to start one, this needs to be heard to enhance your chances of sustainability.

If you are not an entrepreneur, then this webinar will still benefit you to give awareness of something you may not realize is going on, and help gives you inspiration of how to be more mindful and take action to bring you workplace sustainability.

Education for the Future – Which Skills Will Be Essential for 2050?

Webinar Focus

This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for workplace sustainability’ series and is focused on proven research into how qualified workforces are, how prepared is our education mindsets and opportunities to help provide workplace sustainability, and what can we do to change and improve.

Through Karina’s unique position, she will display many facts and figures to establish the current trends around education in workforces that might be holding us back to maintain jobs as the use of technology and AI in work and social environments transform our roles, and in some cases, remove them completely.

Bringing awareness and suggestions on how to instigate educational reform.


About the Speaker – Karina Kubelkova:

Chief Economic Analyst and Head of the Analytical Department at the Czech Chamber of Commerce and external lecturer.

Her work consists of data analysis and surveys, she helps to formulate the Chamber’s opinions on economic policy issues, comments on economic development in media, creates macroeconomic forecasts and sectoral analyses.

In the past, she worked as an economic analyst at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and at the Office of the President of the Republic.

She graduated with a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in economic policy at the University of Economics in Prague, were she currently works as a postdoctoral research fellow and as a part-time lecturer.

She has earned her MBA at the Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France and attended courses at prestigious foreign universities.

Photos: Shutterstock/ Edited by Martina Adveney 

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