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Being a music photographer can be an amazing profession. This career, allows an individual to spend a substantial amount of time collaborating with music artists, traveling the world, and creating u sliding artwork. However, what exactly is the world of music photography. What does it entail?

What is Music Photography? 

According to, music photography is a profession in the music industry where photographers take photos of various musical acts, artists, and bands. Usually done for commercial purposes, music photographers will publish their work in varying magazine features, albums cover, or for PR purposes. The photos taken by the music photographers can also be used for merchandise. The profession of music photography can separate into two direct approaches. One approach would be the specialize in live performance photography. The other avenue may focus on staged or professional shoots.

Many photographers proclaim that music photography is one of the most challenging professions to have. Why? This notion circles around the job being incredibly demanding, with a fast pace Environment followed by unpredictable movement. Brief shooting time also can be a strong disclaimer for the profession. The music photography industry is also highly competing where networking becomes crucial for optimal success. However, music photography can be a very creative and enriching job! The role of a music photographer is vital and outstandingly important for musicians, as they are capturing the music artist’s aesthetic and aiding in creating their overall brand. With this notion of being incredibly artistic and creative, music photographers mostly work intimately with the artist, band publicists, band managers, and venue/event promoters.

Overall, photography is meant to help individuals see things from a different perspective. From devoted music listeners to independent music artists, photography can provide a look into a world most individuals are sheltered from. Photography can also provide the music with a deeper perspective paired with the lyricism of the musical project.


How to Start Music Photography! 

Firstly, it’s important to understand that most music photographers are freelancers. Some venues, events, and or music PR agencies might have full/part-time opportunities, however, it can be relatively low. Many bands and music artists will hire a freelancer for a gig, tour, or shoot. Being that music photographers live amongst the world of freelancing, there can be different routes they can choose from.

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Do It Yourself!

The majority of professional music photographers gained experience throughout the music industry by developing their photography skills through the job itself. It is important to start small if the individual is still developing photography and editing skills. Practice can be done by shooting pictures of friends and family. Music photographers can even ask local venues or bands that they are passionate about if they can shoot a gig in exchange for free tickets! Overall, building a portfolio and online presence is crucial for beginner music photographers.

In regards to equipment, it’s important the individual starts simple rather than using complex lenses and photography equipment. Many music photographers suggest this notion until the individual encounters job-specific endeavors which surrounds specific quality of the photographs. Cameras such as the Canon EOS 4000D or the Nikon D3500 are perfect devices for their photography journey.


Get Hired by a Company!

After developing the skills of photography through DIY opportunities, music photographers may then can consider being hired at a company as a regular photographer. This is a huge step, especially if hired by an established venue. Therefore, pitching multiple concert footage to publications can increase their chances to get hired. However, it is important to continue to network with promoters, managers, and publicists.


Learn Photography at a University!

Some individuals may find the freelancing route to be overwhelming in the beginning stages of developing their craft. Although the profession of photography can be self-taught, many colleges and universities offer vocational photography courses providing practical components taught by photography professionals. How useful a degree in photography, depends on the university itself. Media studies photography and journalism are all relevant courses to take to hone their skills. Universities such as the University of Westminster, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Edinburgh University’s College of Art are known for their impeccable media studies programs.

So, whatever avenue the individual takes photography can be a fulfilling profession to consider. From creative ventures to creating many opportunities for themselves, music photography is a vital source of artistry and creativity!


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