MediaTek 361: Smart Shoe with a Tracking Device

Parents around the world can relax and breathe easy, as they now can have control over their children’s whereabouts. MediaTek announced its Smart Shoe with a tracking device during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MediaTek 361 Smart Shoe is designed for small children and their parents who want to keep track of them.

The shoe hides inside a tracking device which will allow the parents to see their children’s location on a map in real-time. It is also possible for the parents to set a boundary that their children can’t break – and the shoe will notify the parents if they do by sending out an alert thanks to a geo-fencing technology.

The creators decided on a shoe with a tracking device because it is “an item of clothing that is less likely to come off as opposed to a bracelet or jacket,” according to

The smart shoe will go on sale in China in April and the price will be around $80, according to a MediaTek spokesman’s estimate for The GPS tracker inside the shoe communicates directly with an app in the parent’s phone, making it convenient and easy to use. The shoes include a wireless battery that can last for approximately 3-4 days and can then be recharged. 

The shoes feature a nice sneaker design with fun, vibrant colors, aimed at very small children. Charging the shoes is possible by placing them on a wireless charging pad, therefore there is no need to plug them anywhere.

Another similar inventions presented at the Mobile World Congress include “Sensoria Smart Sock”, a sock that can give detailed feedback on one’s running technique, and “LifeBeam Smart Hat” that collects heart-rate data.

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