Total magazine distribution 28.000
Moscow - 50 % St.
Petersburg - 50 %
Prague - 80 %
Karlovy Vary - 6 %
Brno - 6 %
Other cities - 8 %
Berlin - 20 %
Hannover - 11 %
Dortmund - 12 %
Munich -15 %
Frankfurt am Main - 15 %
Other cities - 27 %

Advertising Opportunities

We attract the best talent to work on the magazine. Our writers are talented young European journalists with years of experience. Therefore, we can help you prepare any advertising copy, from small sketches to full-sized articles. Our layout staff and web designers also have extensive experience in the Czech market so we can guarantee a high quality production and publication of your banner ads on the pages of Youth Time.

If you have any questions related to advertising, please reach out to us via the email address provided below.

Support us!

All your donations will be used to pay the magazine’s journalists and to support the ongoing costs of maintaining the site.


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Interested in co-operating with us?

We are open to co-operation from writers and businesses alike. You can reach us on our email at [email protected]/[email protected] and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

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