Irish Universities Get Green Light for Salaries up to €337,000 a Year

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. This time we speak about Irish government's approval to recruit top academics on salaries of up to €337,000 a year, and Google's ambitious project that will allow Taiwanese talents to work for them.

Irish universities get green light for salaries up to €337,000 a year

Irish Government gave an approval to recruit top academics on salaries up to €337,000 a year, reports The Irish Times. Usually, individuals who work in public sectors may not earn more than €190,000 per year. Directors and university presidents can earn between €140,000 and €190,000 while professors can earn up to €136,000. More than 70 staff across third-level colleges earn more than €200,000 per year. Irish Times reports that there are more than 1,000 staff across the higher-education sector earning more than €100,000. Top earner is the Russian-born academic from University College Dublin, professor Boris Kholodenko, who earns €336,927 per year.

Google will recruit Taiwanese talents for ambitious project

After AWS and Microsoft, Google has also decided to look into Taiwan’s talent pool for their ambitious project related to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, reports Taiwan News. After the official announcement on Monday, AI project will be conducted with the help of talented locals, and the number of new positions to be created is yet to be announced. This will represent the largest plan of its kind in this country since Google established their office in Taipei in 2006. Taiwan has been playing a crucial part in the development of the latest applications for Android, Chrome and Google. Taiwan also has some of the best universities specialized in the information technology and engineering.

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