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We are starting a series of articles about interesting professions. We will be meeting people and will collect the real stories about what exactly lies behind of intriguing careers and professions. We will follow this with practical information about how to get such professions, how much money it is possible to gain through them and where they will lead in the long-term prospect.

In past couple of years more and more young people are deciding to apply for air-host job. Most of them were studying languages or tourism, but it is not a rare case when the profession of the applicant doesn’t have anything to do with this call. Simply, passion for exploring the world is attractive enough to take us far from our original aspirations to become a teacher, doctor, beautician, etc. But in large number of cases the situation is the one which decides, since in many countries there is no need for certain professions, like in a story of our interlocutor. After finishing the University, the prospects for finding a job were small to impossible, so D.C. from Belgrade decided to give it a try in one international flying company. Competition was tough, requirements high, but after two months she got:”We are happy to inform you…”, and the adventure has begun.

“It was really exciting when I got an information that I have been selected among thousand other applicants. I had to move so far from home, leave my family and friends. Now when I think of it, it’s a bit scary, but back then adrenalin was holding me so high, and there was no place for such fear. I knew the whole time that it was a big deal, enormous change, but I was ready to accept the challenge.”, D.C. says.

Can you describe your life as a stewardess?

Exactly, LIFE. This is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It is hard to describe my daily routine, since every day is different to me (laugh), but on the other hand, I can say that our lives are programmed. Every month we become a plan of trips for the following month, so I know exactly where I am going to be, how many fee days I am going to have, and if I have something to do, I have to plan it in advance in order to fit all into my schedule. Then, our flights can be anytime, which means that I have to wake up at 3 am, for instance, and go to work, fly, and no matter what time of the day is on my destination, I have to make myself to sleep so I can work the next day. Our sleeping rhythm is insane, and for some people that is physically the hardest part of work.

Besides that, are there some other things that you might not like about your dream job?

Of course, there are many things that I am not crazy about, like I’ve already mentioned, but is there any job that doesn’t have bad sides? It just the matter of person what he or she can tolerate, and what is too much. This is definitely not a job for everyone, and person should be aware that being a flight attendant means a lot of renouncement and sacrifice. That is also a reason why we can do this only while we are young. I can’t imagine myself doing this after 30-35. Then, another thing comes as a question: what will I do after?

People usually wonder about your social life. Your job is so dynamic, how do you find time for friends? Do you have a good time with your colleagues?

Well, this is also another bad example, but it doesn’t have to be. Let put it this way: I made some really good friendships here, and of course that I can’t see these people all the time, but we find time for gathering. It is a bit more difficult with colleagues who also have a different schedule, so it can happen that we are not in town in a same time for weeks. On flights, crew is sometimes good, sometimes we don’t fit. This is especially important for the longer trips, which means that we are flying to the some distant place and on that way we are stopping in different towns for a day or two. If your crew is great, this can turn into amazing adventure, and if is not…You know, you find yourself on some breathtaking place, are so happy, but you are not sharing that moment with your beloved ones, but with some random people. That is the moment when I feel so lonely. After some time, meeting the new people also becomes tiring: same questions, ‘where are you from?’,’ how did you decide to do this?’,’ where are you flying this month?’, ‘have you been there?’, etc. And obviously, it is not easy to start a family while doing this job. That is another reason why I can’t imagine to do this forever.

These were some things that many people do not see, but the other side is much better?

Definitely! All I have said becomes so much easier when you wake up one day with a view on turquoise se at Mauritius, another week play with baby lions in South Africa or walk down the Chinese Wall, enjoy in magnificent nature in New Zeeland…Sometimes it looks so surreal, like a fairy tale! I have travelled the world, and I am only 25! I am sure that some people won’t see 10 per cent of all the things I have seen in just one year. For us there are no limits. I can take a map, randomly pick a place, and just see when I am free to go there.

Would you chose this job again?

Without a second thought!

Air cabin crew, general information

Average salary: from 11.000 € to 27.000 € a year, depending on the airline and experience

Entry requirements: degree is not required, the most important are: languages, hospitality, communication skills and confidence in dealing with a range of people. Minimum age is usually 18, in some cases 21. Usually recruiters require for good standard of health and fitness. Minimum height requirement is different. But usually should be in proportion to weight. This is some standard requirements, the specific one can differ dramatically depending on airlines. For example some airlines require for minimum arm stretch of 84 inches or forbidding crew members to marry in their first five years of the job.

How and where to apply: to fill application on the targeted airline website or try search on careers websites such as or



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