Fiat Offers Great Opportunity for Graduating Students

An Italian automaker Fiat offers interesting internship and project opportunities oriented toward completing graduating student's thesis. The program is fully funded.

As it is mention in the internship description, Fiat offers to students and recent graduates an opportunity to gain work experience correlated to area of study. Internships are available in every area of activity and can be oriented towards student’s thesis.

Fiat collaborates regularly with universities and polytechnic institutes in Italy and abroad on programs that produce concrete results by allowing students to combine academic and work experience. Through the intern experience, the company and participants have the opportunity to get to know each other and jointly assess career opportunities potentially available after candidate completed studies.

Internships are fully funded, application is opened for the graduating students from anywhere in the world.

Mainly Fiat is interested in students graduating in IT, economics, business, management, finance, engineering, media, marketing and PR.

Interested candidates can apply online.

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