How to Write Essays Better, Faster and Effectively

The entire Anglo-Saxon education system is based on essay writing. In order to check how well the student has mastered the given material, the professor will always ask you to […]

The entire Anglo-Saxon education system is based on essay writing. In order to check how well the student has mastered the given material, the professor will always ask you to write an essay or another type of paper. There are other education systems that place more value on oral answers or tests. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. But since you are studying and graduating in the Anglo-Saxon system, it’s time to learn how to write an essay better, faster and more efficiently. It is likely that you have seen and read some of these tips, and some will be new to you. Therefore, we recommend you to bookmark this article so that you can share it with friends who also have difficulties in writing an essay and would like to do it more efficiently.


Use any Chance to Choose the Topic you Like

The situations when the professor himself assigns a topic for you are very often, and you have no other choice. You must write on the topic that you have been given. But there are also situations when the student is offered to decide on the topic of the essay on his own. Or professors give the opportunity to choose a variant of the topic, a case that needs to be described, or an approach to the topic in order to give a student a chance to demonstrate his knowledge in the most favorable light.  Always try to take advantage of this opportunity, and even when it is not given to you right away, offer your topics in the same area. This is important because if the topic is not interesting enough for you, then you will subconsciously procrastinate, put off research on the topic, and eventually, you will have problems with deadlines. And if the topic is captivating for you, then the human psyche is arranged in such a way that you get down to business much faster, immediately start looking for information on this topic and making outlines. While, all other issues will seem insignificant in the process of writing an essay on a topic you are really passionate about.


Start Research Right Now

You can receive several tasks at once in one day and naturally, you cannot do all of them at the same time. But we advise you to spend half an hour on the same day you received your task. Create a new document, name it correctly, and do a fifteen to twenty minute online research in Google Scholar or in other valid academic sources. Collect some useful links and ideas in this document. When your brain remembers that something has already been done on this task, and you will not have the fear of a blank slate. This way you will avoid writer’s block and the next time you return to this task, it will be much easier for you. 


Take Care of Your Sleep and Nutrition

You probably didn’t expect to see this tip on the list of tips on how to write essays faster, better, and more efficiently. But it’s actually one of the key things you need to do in order to be more successful in academic assignments. If you don’t get enough sleep, don’t breathe enough fresh air, and don’t eat well, and then your brain will use all the resources it has to sustain itself. Only if you get enough vitamins, nutrients, if you have had enough rest, if you have enough time for regular walks in the fresh air, and have some time for communication with your friends as it’s also very important for your mental health, you will always have insufficient resources to cope with the tasks. Now it may seem to you that this will take too much time, but in fact it will reduce procrastination, and you will complete tasks much faster than usual. Another significant tip we can give you is to reduce the amount of sugar, because sugar helps to increase concentration for a while, but then it drops too low. This process is addictive and does not give you the opportunity to focus on tasks.


Use All the Online Services you Can Get

Online services greatly help to cope with academic tasks faster, better and more efficiently. There are many such online services. They are paid and free, there are those that solve several problems at once, there are highly specialized ones. For example, you can use citation generation to create quotes and references faster. Be sure to use proofreading and editing tools, such as Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway. You can use both free and paid versions of these services. But, if you, as a student, write a lot and often, we advise you to buy a premium subscription to any of these services, and then you will definitely make much fewer mistakes in your texts. When your texts are constantly checked by a good professional reader, then you yourself will begin to catch the mistakes that you make constantly, take them into account and will automatically make less of them. You can use academic help services, if you need to delegate some of your writing assignments. Send a “write my essay for me” inquiry, and get most of your problems solved online by professional academic writers from custom writing services. This is what tens of thousands of students around the world do, because the assignment load is very big and not always everything can be done before the deadline. Keep in mind your final goal, namely getting a diploma, graduating from college, use all possible services and any assistance to achieve this goal.


We hope that our tips on how to write an essay better, faster and more efficiently will be useful to you. Of course, you can read the right advice all you want and think about which one is the most effective, but if you don’t start putting these tips and tricks into practice, you will never know for sure. Even if you take just two of this list and start applying them right away, then you will see results in the next couple of weeks.



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