How to Step Into Blogging?

Is blogging a job for real, or is that just a myth? How much time do you need to become successful in this field? Those questions are always around, but they are not the only questions. The prejudices about the ideal of living from blogging are present there as well. For that reason, we spoke with a successful blogger, Aleksandra Petrovski, who clarified for our readers many things about blogging and earning money from blogging.

Aleksandra Petrovski’s primary occupation is writing in general, working in social media, creating multimedia, and of course, blogging. With her colleague Jelena Radovanović, she formed the Center for Content Writing, called All of that is the field where she wants to be known, and blogging is not her only occupation.

From the day I launched my first blog until today, I didn’t want to make blogging my primary occupation. I think that blogging should be a hobby and a place to promote yourself and yes, that means you need to spend time on your blog in your free time – explains Aleksandra.

Alexandra was working as a journalist, and her first article was published when she was 14 years old.  At age 17 she became the editor of a high school magazine. Soon she was working for daily and periodical newspapers, and also on television and radio. She gets a lot of opportunities because of her blog, and last year she attended one of the biggest biz-tech conferences in Europe, The Next Web in Amsterdam, where she was the official blogger for three conferences about internet business, marketing, and communications.

Her blog gave her a chance to visit the Indonesian island of Sulavesi, where she was doing some snorkeling, took walks in the jungle, and did many other amazing things. Last year she also spent time in a mine and received an offer to be a ghostwriter for a book.

Her life is everything but monotonous, and for her, all of the things she has done are more valuable than money because, as she points out, with money she could never have bought these experiences.

Step into blogging
Archive of Aleksandra Petrovski


Is it true that blogging is really a dream job?

Looking in from the outside, blogging looks like a perfect way to make money – people think that they can get great results in a short time. Those who haven’t tried to work in this field focus only on the articles which made a lot of money, and I can be sure that everyone who has gone just one step beyond registering a domain for a blog has learned how difficult blogging can be. I know so many bloggers, but I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t have to work hard to become successful. The results were there, but the results were not purely monetary – states Aleksandra.

She explains that having a blog is crucial if you want to improve yourself. Some bloggers start with this job because they want to experience and learn something new, but some of them just want to meet people and become closer to them.

Also, Aleksandra explains that many people have tried new things and visited new places because of their blog. Some bloggers get better jobs, new clients, and enhanced credibility out of blogging, but they also made a difference to somebody, and those are enough reasons for a blogging adventure.


How was her idea created?

I opened my blog in December 2012, and my idea was to write about internet journalism and social media. In the meantime I realized I would like to write other stories on my blog as well. I like to travel to unusual destinations, and people said when I wrote about my travels that they felt as though they had gone one my trips with me. So I started to write travel stories as well – explains Aleksandra.

Later she continued with stories about inspirational people and important adventures, then she started her YouTube channel with her college Brana Antonić where they suggest good books, movies, TV shows, music, galleries, etc.

Blogging, the future profession
Archive of Aleksandra Petrovski


And how we can create our own ideas?

I always say the same thing to people when they ask me for advice: You should read more than you write, and then the ideas will come. People often ask me how to choose the topics and fields for their blog and, actually, no one can give them that answer but themselves. I used to answer this question with another question: What do you want to get out of your blog? It is not that complicated. If we know what our goal is then soon we can find an answer to this question – explains Aleksandra.

She always advises freelance bloggers to specialize in a specific field, because that is how they can earn larger and more stable incomes. She gives one simple explanation: if people want to be hired someday by, for example, furniture showrooms, then they should write about furniture and retail design and about topics close to that field.

There is a significant chance that a potential client is already reading your articles about design, and that is how they discover that they need a writer, and they may offer you a job. On the other hand, even if they don’t follow your stories if they are interested in the topics you cover, they can easily after reading a few articles realize that they like your tone, your way of thinking, your writing style, etc.

Let’s make it simple: with a blog you are shortening the process of introducing yourself to your potential clients or business partners. I don’t want to scare anyone, but 2,7 million posts appear every day on the internet. That’s why it is important to show ourselves, what we do and what are we interested in – states Aleksandra Petrovski.

Aleksandra adds that the beauty of blogging is that it forces you to learn every day and get new experiences from different topics. One topic leads to the next topic. In whatever you do and want to succeed in, you need to be flexible about change and, in the end, you really need to want to be successful.

She tells us that when you think that way then you realize, as she did, that you must find out something about design, optimization, social media; about filming videos, and then you need to know how to edit all of these things… That can take many hours and days while you read articles not just about the field you are interested in but about all the technical details which can help you to be better in that.

For example, all that I have learned has given me the opportunity today to give my own training sessions, lectures and workshops about blogging in the business world. The years of study and the years of practical work helped me to be where I am now. On the other hand, trends constantly change, and we need to gain new experiences all the time.

If you ask me, learning is a process which is never ending. I will suggest only one thing: Have a goal, be patient, and don’t think all the time about the goal – make your route to your goals a source of pleasure and satisfaction, enjoy the time you spend before you reach your goal – advises Aleksandra.

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