How to Pull Through 4 Difficulties for Overseas Educators

If you want to change something in your life, then consider trying to teach abroad. Be prepared for certain challenges. Here you will learn how to overcome difficulties and adapt to a new culture.

Surely you have thought about the need to change something in your life. Perhaps you want to discover a new world and immerse yourself in a new culture. Teaching at your local school is no longer fun. You want to take a fresh look at your profession and help foreign students learn English, which will help them in the future with employment or for living abroad.

There are a huge variety of teacher jobs. You can choose a variety of volunteer programs to provide support for people who need it. Teaching abroad means huge progress in your career path.

However, not everything is so rosy when moving to work abroad. Certainly, new sensations are guaranteed to you. Sometimes you may encounter some difficulties on your way that will be your obstacles, but this is a chance for your personal growth. You will encounter cultural differences, behavioral issues, unconventional work schedules, and more. Remember that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.


Culture Shock

Culture Shock
Nik Shuliahin

When we travel the world, we see how cultures differ from each other. If in our country it is normal to behave in a certain way, then in another country it may be unacceptable. However, when we participate in teaching abroad programs, we face a completely different complexity. You become an international educator and you need to understand how to deal with culture shock as quickly as possible.

To do this, it is important to explore the new culture from all angles before traveling. You must learn how to deal with people from different cultures. It is even more important to understand what the teacher should look like in the eyes of new students.

Upon arrival in another country, you should establish contact with local teachers who will help overcome culture shock. Consider being in class with other teachers who already have experience with international students to see how they are building communication with their students. This method will allow you to see the big picture of the education system in another country. Perhaps, based on the experience of other teachers, you can come up with your method of work.


Class management methods

When you start teaching in another country, you need to show from the first lesson that you are an authority. You have to become a person who is being listened to. This can be difficult to achieve with students who are from a different cultures.

In one country, it is the norm when the teacher devotes most of their time to telling the topic of the lesson, and at the very end leaves time for discussion, where students can ask questions of interest. In another country, it is considered normal to be on par with students who can have lively conversations during the lesson. This way, students can ask questions as they teach the lesson.

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly right away. You need to give yourself and your students time to adapt. Do not rush to draw certain conclusions after the first lesson. You should study classroom management strategies in detail to understand which teaching style is right for your new class of students.

You must be ready to change. If you want to impose a certain style of behavior on people and children who are used to communicating in a completely different way, then you risk that you will not be able to build rapport with students.

At first, you may feel weak and unable to change anything. However, if you are open to suggestions, then you will find ways how to start teaching effectively.


Little variety of methods of presenting information

Little variety of methods of presenting information
Husniati Salma

If you have already learned the language of the country where you are going to go, then you should understand that this is not a 100% guarantee that your lessons will be interesting and you will be able to capture the attention of students.

The best way to teach in all countries of the world is to present information visually. Reading boring lectures will lead to the fact that you will lose the attention of your new students.

It is also important to understand that if you are traveling to a country where the development of technology is at a low level, then you should not expect that you will have a rich variety of ways of presenting the information. Due to this, you need to think about this before your upcoming trip.

You should develop a lesson structure for the whole year ahead. Equip yourself with your laptop and internet access to prepare the visuals for the lessons.

The free online presentation software and tools can help you with this, where you can add images and text information to get rid of monotonous lectures. Children are more interested in receiving information that they can not only hear, but also see.

Video recording is another teaching resource. If you don’t have the skills to create a video, but need to prepare materials in a short time, then a screen recorder can become your assistant. You just have to make the manipulations on your laptop that you want to teach your students. To do this, turn on the recording of the material and get to work. Then you can make some improvements with the free video editing software with no watermark by adding engaging transitions, effects, etc. This way, you can visualize material that is more effective than words.


New operating mode

If you are used to working from 9 to 5, then it may be news to you that you will have to change your work schedule. Be prepared for the fact that different schools in other countries have different rules and regulations. You may need to work on weekends or instead of morning classes, it turns out that your workday begins in the evening.

Before accepting a job at a particular school, you should review the schedule. If you do not want to change your routine, then look for schools that are open from morning to evening.



People interested in professional development can take a look at teaching abroad programs. This will allow you to transform your value system and bring something new into your life. Don’t let doubts confuse you, as you can find a way out of every situation. Use our tips to help you adapt to life and teaching in another country.


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