How to Go Viral on TikTok

Read on if you want to discover how to make it big on TikTok, the app whose popularity has skyrocketed since its 2016 release and the social media platform that seems to get everyone talking about it. Originally a venue for teens to display their lip-syncing skills, it has since evolved into a platform where people of all ages share their perspectives and gain knowledge from one another, making it one of the most popular social networking sites.

In 2022, knowing ‘how to go viral’ won’t be much different from knowing it in the early days of social media. In today’s internet-centric vernacular, when people talk about things that ‘go viral’, they usually imply videos that have gained a lot of attention online. All types of social media experience this regularly. No matter how relevant, controversial, or counterintuitive the information may be, as long as it strikes a chord with its target audience, it will be shared.

In this article, we will analyze three strategies to popularize your content on TikTok.


Remain Updated and Use the Relevant Hashtags

With TikTok discovering emerging trends is a breeze. The ‘For You’ section, a personalized stream of videos based on your preferences, contains a treasure trove of videos and ideas. Look closely at those clips, and if you find a strategy that works for your genre, use it in your videos. The TikTok trend will only be popular for a few days, so spend at least 15 minutes a day checking out the ‘For You’ tab to stay abreast of the latest TikTok trends. The algorithm behind TikTok primarily uses hashtags to organize content created by its users. It’s essential to incorporate relevant hashtags into your TikTok videos if you want them to be viewed by a large audience.


Activate the AAS in Your Content 

As a creative, it feels good to put forth work that people appreciate. What action do you hope people will take after watching your videos? Having your content become viral is an advantage. If you want your TikTok content to succeed, you need to encourage viewers to do so in a call to action by subscribing to your page.

If your audience knows what to expect from your videos, they are less likely to skim over them. A simple call to action, such as “follow me for more of the latest trending tips!” can increase engagement. Putting a link to your website or other pages in your profile is the correct way to get others to check them out. It’s possible that a large influx of new subscriptions or purchases could occur from encouraging TikTok users to visit a website or a landing page. TikTok is a video-sharing app loved by young people for its concise content. If your video is too long and doesn’t provide any value to your viewers, you will quickly lose them. A 15-second video has a greater chance of being watched in its entirety than a one-minute video does.

Consequently, the shorter your video is, the more probable it is that viewers will watch it in its entirety. Spread out lengthy content across multiple videos and invite readers to subscribe to or like your page so they don’t miss out on future updates. Providing a compelling reason for people to view your videos is the first step in getting more views.


Post Consistently

All updated posts must be made promptly and consistently. You need to upload videos to TikTok somewhat often if you want them to go viral. Success on TikTok typically goes to users who consistently produce high-quality content. Maintaining a regular posting schedule might increase the likelihood that your target audience will discover and enjoy your content. It’s best to upload your video during peak viewing hours. The level of internet and TikTok literacy among your intended audience members may guide the kind of content you choose to include there. Your videos may gain more views if you post them in the evening when your intended viewers are more likely to be on TikTok after work. A social media management tool allows you to schedule your content for release at convenient times.


Lastly, a video is more likely to go viral if it gives viewers the information or entertainment they want. You’ll need to find a way to show the value of the video so that people don’t get bored and swipe to the next one. If you do these three things over time you will slowly see results on your page. Get creative with your Tiktok content and simply do you! 




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