How Do I Choose a Great Essay Service?

Follow these tips to find a writing service you won’t be disappointed in.

Writing a college assignment from scratch is a challenging task for a lot of students, even more so if English is not their first language or they struggle with written communication in general. Hiring an expert from a writing assistance service is a smart solution, but you need to choose the right company first. Follow these tips to find a writing service you won’t be disappointed in.

Read customer reviews (and make sure they’re authentic)

Just like with any other product or service out there, the best way to find out whether a paper writing company is good is to read customer reviews. Most essay services in the USA have tons of reviews on their websites and even include the average quality score their papers have. Browse through those to make sure most clients are satisfied and find out if there are any flaws to look out for.

Some services go out of their way to show that the reviews they have are authentic. Pay attention if all comments have an order ID and date featured. Also, once you receive your first order, leave your own review to see if it appears on the website. If the reviews you can see there are real, you’ll see yours soon after you post it.

Explore what types of papers the service works with

Most writing companies are better at some academic assignments than others. For example, a service can be excellent at essays but not so much at lab reports, or vice versa. The writing assistance market is enormous. There are even services that specialize in specific groups of disciplines, such as STEM. Even programming homework is a doddle for some companies.

Sure, it’s possible to find a company that is good at everything. Check professional paper writing help from an essay service CustomWritings, for example, for starters, but it’s not the only one. But don’t forget to look at the company’s list of services and the samples featured on the website. This way, you’ll be sure that the company you choose has experts capable of completing the type of order you are about to place.

Look at the free samples the service offers

Any decent professional writing service has at least a few free samples on the website so that clients can see what they are paying for. Read those before deciding if you’re going to place an order. Ideally, these samples should vary in terms of length, discipline, type of paper, and so on. So if you want to buy a case study, but the service only has essay samples, it might be better to keep looking.

Don’t order anything before seeing samples that are written by the service’s writers. It’s an unnecessary risk. Some companies even offer clients samples from a specific writer (the one who will work on their order) for a small fee. Consider this extra feature too. It’s a smart move, and $5 or so is a tiny fraction of the price you’ll end up paying for the paper.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

Speaking of prices, don’t try to get a paper two times cheaper than most writing services charge. Being frugal is good and all, but when something seems too good to be true, it normally means that it isn’t actually true. Sure, how much an order will cost you varies. Some services are more affordable than others, and the bonuses they have can be different.

But don’t expect a top writing company to be outright cheap. All reliable services that deliver quality papers understand how valuable their experts’ work is. Do not expect to pay anything less than $30 or so per page if you need the essay urgently. But placing an order in advance is an awesome way to say quite a lot (even if you’re ordering from one of the more expensive companies).

Look at the company’s plagiarism policies

Whether they’re using a writing service or not, the worst thing that can happen to a student’s paper is plagiarism. No college or university is okay with it, and the consequences can be pretty terrifying, especially for repeat offenders. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pay attention to how serious the company you’re about to order from takes plagiarism.

First, look at the guarantees listed on the service’s website. Something along the lines of “100% original” or “0% plagiarism” should be there. Also, to be on the safe side, run a couple of samples the service provides through a plagiarism checker to be sure that it lives up to its promises. Most popular and highly-rated writing services do, though, so don’t worry too much.

Clarify if the service provides free revisions

One more guarantee to look out for is free revisions. Sure, ideally, if you choose the right service, the custom essay you’ll get will meet all of your expectations. But it isn’t always the case. Misunderstandings between clients and writers happen. Also, the instructions you get from your professor and then give to the writer might be a little confusing.

You need to know that if the expert working on your research paper misses the mark, they’ll change it free of charge once you ask them to. Keep in mind, though, that almost no writer is going to revise your paper for free if you’re the one responsible for the mishap. For example, if you forgot to include something in the original instructions and are changing them after receiving the paper, expect to be charged.

Contact the customer support team to check how responsive they are

A professional customer support team is almost as essential for a writing service as writers are. Customer service representatives will be the ones to help you when you have any questions, need to clarify anything, or want to get in touch with the writer. So they have to be good at what they do.

Try to contact the service’s support team via online chat to see if their responses are prompt and personalized. Or call them and ask questions about the service to check if they are responsive, friendly, patient, and genuinely helpful.


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