Praying and Sharing is Not Enough, Nepal Needs Help

We have collected the websites where you can donate to help thousands of homeless, distressed people of Nepal. Do not stay away, Nepalese needs our help today.

As human beings we are driven to calculate all casualties in numbers, so let’s talk with numbers. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake of Saturday afternoon that hit Kathmandu capital of Nepal, a similar magnitude has occurred 81 years ago.  So far this last one has been devastating with massive casualties, 3600 dead and counting, 6500 injured and counting, adding here the material damages nothing can be measured in this aspect, what we have been seeing so far in media through photographs and video footages Kathmandu looks like a post-apocalyptic site. 

In addition to the media, there are a lot of appropriate job social networks have done. All of us these last days we have have been witnessing the power of technology specifically social media platforms firstly on exchanging the information and news and also locating the survivors, on this group Facebook was the first one launching the ‘safety check option’ then Twitter with the ‘Twitter Nepal list’ where is collected all the tweets that has to do with Nepal, Google launched a ‘Person Finder’ option. 

But unfortunately isn’t enough. Nepalese people need a real help, and all of us can give it. Reposts, shares and prays aren’t enough. It is time go from words to deeds, here are some of the websites where you can donate to help thousands of homeless, distressed people of Nepal.

Youth Time stands with our Nepalese friends and members. We believe that your patience and kindness together with our support will help you to overcome this.

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