Graduates From A Tiny School In California Outern Harvard And Stanford Grads

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Graduates from a tiny liberal-arts school in California outern Harvard and Stanford graduates

Graduates from science, mathematics, and engineering powerhouse Harvey Mudd College outern colleagues from Harvard and Stanford. This tiny liberal-arts school from California brings their graduate better salaries for first 10 years into their careers. HMC computer-science program is so strong that elite STEM-focused schools have taken note. Their most important traits are decision to structure learning and deliver work-ready graduates. Even though men make up more than 84 per cent of undergradzates majoring in computer science, first majority-female computer-science class graduated last year at HMC.


Summer school for white working class boys at Oxford University

One of the most underrepresented groups in UK higher education got an opportunity to participate in summer school launched by Oxford University. Students from coastal and rural communities will be recruited and hosted by this institution. This scheme will be available for bright pupils who have good grades. Criteria for selection includes requirements such as being the first generation of the family and coming from a deprived neighbourhood. All of the classes will be taught by Oxford professors, and their stay will be completely free of charge. 

‘Culturally insensitive’ food served at Pembroke College

Students at Pembroke College complained about dinner menu because of ”cultural misrepresentation” of meals that were wrongly attributed to different regions and countries. Some of the meals included Chinese chicken, Indian fish pie, oriental beef stew, Jamaican stew and African stew with sweet potato. Students claim these combinations do not exist in their native countries. On the contrary side, others said they were thankful to the Pembroke staff for at least trying.

Photos: Shutterstock / Collage: Martina Advaney

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