Get Chance To Get A Grant For Your Startup: Chile Seed Program 2017

Talented entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to apply to be part of the program called Start-Up Chile Seed. If you have an amazing and scalable business idea or an established startup with high growth potential your application would be gladly received. Deadline to apply is September 7.

Start-Up Chile Seed is a program for those who want to accelerate and develop a world-class startup in Chile, while helping to shape the local culture to embrace entrepreneurship. 

Main criteria:

  • there are two ways in which you can decide to apply: A) as a Natural Person, no matter your nationality; Or B) as a Chilean Legal Person. If you apply as a Natural Person, then you will be the beneficiary of the grant. If you apply as a Chilean Legal Person, then this Chilean company will be the beneficiary. It’s not possible for foreign companies to apply. If you are foreigner and you have a company abroad, then you need to apply as a Natural Person;
  • the team leader must be 100% dedicated to the project (cannot be employed in any other company while y participating in the program);
  • your company cannot be older than two years of age;
  • consulting companies, export/import companies and franchises are not accepted as they are not easily scalable on a global level;
  • for every applicant we only accept one startup. Please don’t apply with more than one startup! 


  • Organizer will provide a grant for up to 90% of the total project cost with a ceiling of Ch$20.000.000 (approx. 26.700 EUR);
  • Additionally, if the project is allocated in a Chilean city out of Santiago, the grant will increase in Ch$10.000.000 (approx. 13.400 EUR);
  • In the case of a project from a Chilean who has finished a Graduate Degree in a Foreign University, the grant will be increased Ch$10.000.000 (approx. 13.400 EUR);
  • Participants must contribute at least the remaining 10% in cash during the project execution.

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