German Millennials Are The Most Friendly Towards Immigrants

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German millennials are most friendly towards immigrants

In all of Europe, German millennials are the ones who are the most welcoming towards immigrants and refugees. The survey conducted by German broadcasters Bayerischer Rundfunk, SWR and ZDF shows that around 80 per cent of German youth believe that immigrants enrich cultural diversity. Around 70 per cent of European millennials feel positive about being a part of multi-cultural enviornment. It is believed that more than a million asylum seekers have arrived in Germany since the beginning of immigration crisis, and most of them work hard to integrate in the German society and culture.

China is the new land of opportunity for African students

While some of countries such as the United States, France or United Kingdom function as brands in the world of education, others are slowly growing on a global scale. African students have been studying in China since 1950s, and in the 21st century this trend continues to grow. Two years ago, more than six thousand scholarships have been offered to African students. What is even more interesting is the fact that there are more fee-paying students than those who are on certain scholarships. Many memorandums between African and Chinese universities are signed, and Chinese government plans to set up several research centeres in Africa.

Student homelessnes

Putting ”student” and ”homeless” in the same sentence seems contradictory, but sometimes it is a harsh reality. Because of stigma surrounding this issue, it is often not that much discussed. A study released by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab at the University of Wisconsin shows that 14 per cent of students from 70 community colleges are in fact, homeless. Some colleges, such as Amherst College keep their dorms opened over the summer for those students who have no place to go. Last autumn, a group of students from Los Angeles opened a shelter called ”Students 4 Students” that served for those who had no place to go, mostly for students from two nearby universities U.C.L.A. and Santa Monica College.

Photos: Shutterstock/ collage: Martina Advaney

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