Best and Worst University Majors for Employment

One of the most important factors for future students when choosing a particular university major is whether or not the studies will lead to successful employment. Especially since majority of higher education institutions worldwide are pricey and require investment, the studies are expected to pay out. In short, the right college major is a significant factor for future career.

There are majors that pay much more than others and this is why Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce recently published a study on college degrees. “What’s It Worth?: The Economic Value of College Majors” details the relationship between major, gender, race, attending graduate school and earnings. The university center produced the study in order to help their students find employment by calculating employment totals in their particular fields. 

The study revealed that Engineering, Computer and Mathematics, Business, Health, Physical Sciences and Social Science are the top five university majors for future employment. Earnings of students of Engineering in the United States equaled about $76,000 per year with a Bachelor’s Degree and about $99,000 with a Graduate Degree. Similar numbers were for students of Computer and Mathematics: $70,000 and $89,000.

The worst college degrees for employment ended up being Psychology and Social Work (last one on the list), Education, Arts and Humanities and Liberal Arts. Students of Psychology and Social Work earned on average about $42,000 per year with a Bachelor’s Degree and $60,000 with a Graduate Degree.

However, even though education is not the highest paid job, it ended up being a major with the lowest unemployment rate of 2,4 percent. Other disciplines such as health and the highest-paid engineering also rated under 3 percent. Electrical Engineering came out as the win-win major, being both the highest paid one and the one with very low unemployment rate.

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