Funding For Universities Will Be Cut And Fees Will Rise In Australia

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Funding for universities will be cut and fees will rise in Australia

According to Universities’ Australia Chair and Monash University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner, federal spending on higher education will fall by AU$1 billion. This means that funding for universities will be cut and student fees will rise. Because of government cuts over the next two years, funding of universities per student by 2021 will be 4.9% lower. The study also shows that nearly fifth of government-supported students will be paying more than 90% of their fees.

Michigan State University’s Alliance for African Partnership launched in Tanzania

Michigan State University’s Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) was launched in Tanzania and it brought together 14 African participants including non-profit directors, government officials, chancellors and other professionals. The treats that African institutions face in research and development were analysed, and new opportunities were presented. “We came up with a programme designed to develop research links between African organisations, including universities, think tanks, and research institutes. How international universities like ours can add value and enter into mutually beneficial partnerships was also discussed,” said Thomas Jayne, co-director of AAP. Michigan State University has been involved in higher education in Africa from the moment Africa’s first land-grant university, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka was opened in 1960.

Student denied university loan because other person has same name, birthplace and birthday reports, that a loan application from a student named Emily Hughes has been rejected because someone else with the same name, birthplace and birthday has already applied for one. Student Loans Company informed her that she could not be registred on the loan system. Emily said: “Just so much unnecessary stress and it’s quite embarrassing as all my friends are sorted with their loans, but not me.” There is a possibility that she might not be able to pay her fees of £9,250 in September if Student Loans Company does not process her application in time, but SLC apologized and promised to resolve this issue.

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