Fully Funded Youth Program In Indonesia

The West Sulawesi University invites students from all over the world to take part in the International Maritime Youth Program on “Learning, Exploring and Sharing and Caring on the maritime” which will take place on 30 November – 8 December 2015 in Majene, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Deadline to apply is November 22.

The forum will be organized by West Sulawesi University and Local Government of West Sulawesi as well as Regency of Majene. 

The IMYP 2015 aims to provide a space for young generation to learn, to explore, to share knowledge and experiences as well as to unite caring in term of maritime. During the program, attendees will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse person from across country.

All activities to the program will take place in Majene City and West Sulawesi University. 

The program is free of charge. The organisers will covers also accommodation, meals, tours to local destination, local transportation and forum materials. Airfare to Hasanuddin Airport(Makassar) have to be covered by participant. International participants are expected to arrive in Makassar on 29 November. Departures are expected to start in the afternoon on December 8.

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