From Consumerism to Creativity (Final): Drive for Life

Finalizing our series I’d like to ask you a simple question: do you feel a drive for life? Take your time with the answer – till the end of the article.

I bet all that I said before was somehow familiar to you. Thanks to Internet there’s no scarce information about an importance of spiritual practices, reducing unaware consumption and so on and so far. Most probably you have some «incentive» quotes in your Facebook timeline and a few articles like «87 ways to become more creative person» on your smartphone.

Why on earth having all these manuals you still are: attached to your gadgets/car/louboutins, have a hateful job, feel unhappy, live such a pathetic life?

Ok, maybe everything in your life seems fine but yet you can’t say there is anything great in it.

It’s a common inner state for the ones who are consuming the life itself. They try to color the existence with numerous available entertainments, try to gain and spend more money to have more expensive stuff or impressions, but relief doesn’t come.

The taste of real life is not about money, power, sexual body or Oxford diploma. It is also not about practicing yoga, being a vegetarian or meditating.


To be Creative is our predestination. Every human has something to give the Universe.

You have known already that it is your scared greedy Ego that doesn’t allow you to feel happiness and share it with the world. So make a choice whether you are that miserable Simulacrum made up by your mind or you are who you are – a great Spirit in a human frame – and start living IN THE NOW. Not in the past or future.

Take a responsibility for yourself. Stop blaming others in your problems. Stop calling the problems «the problems» – everything which is happening with you gets the estimate from your mind. Observe your thoughts and reactions and soon you will see that they are so stupid and childish. Focus on stillness in your head. Give more. Breathe deeply. Try to add love and joy in everything you do – work with love, eat with love, mop a floor with love.

When a Creative person leaves the world, he leaves a better world behind him. What would be the world if you left right now?

So tell me – do you feel the drive for life now?

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