French Students Protest at Prestigious Sciences Po University

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news we speak about French students' blockade of prestigious Sciences Po university, decision of Indonesian universities to allow foreigners to become permanent lecturers and deal between Dutch universities and journal publisher that includes free-access for them.

French students protest at prestigious Sciences Po university

The main entrance of the prestigious French university Sciences Po in Paris was blocked last week after students opposed to President Macron’s education reforms decided to protest against it, reports The Local. Messages such as “Students of Sciences Po against the Macron dictatorship” and “Macron your school is blocked” were spotted on white banners. Recently, another incident happened at Sorbonne university where students also attempted to occupy the campus. The main reason for protest are Macron’s reforms that give public universities the power to set admission criteria and rank applicants 

Foreigners welcomed as permanent lecturers in Indonesia

Indonesian administration of President Joko “Jokowi” introduces the policy which allows foreign academics to become permanent lecturers at universities in order to improve the quality of higher education, most of which is of substandard quality according to the government survey. The Higher Education Ministry aims to ease the bureaucracy for foreign lecturers primarily in the fields of mathematics, technology, science and engineering. “We intend to attract lecturers whose qualifications exceed current benchmarks in our universities,” announced the ministry’s human resources qualifications director, Mukhlas Ansori.

Dutch universities and journal publishers agree on open-access deal

After long and difficult negotiations, Dutch universities managed to secure subscriptions for journal publishers that combine both publishing and reading into one fee. E.U.’s mandate to make all scientific articles freely available by 2020 also inspired Dutch universities in their push for scholarly journals to become open access. The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) is advocating adoption of a so-called “publish-and-read model.” Koen Becking, president of Tilburg University’s executive board and a chief open-access negotiator for VSNU stated: “Our goal is to reach 100 percent open access, but we also want to keep the costs that we pay at a reasonable level.”

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