Five Useful Websites For Writers

It is hard to write. Your grammar must be perfect, your vocabulary must be comprehensive, and you must spell as if you had won every spelling bee. So, to make it easier we have made a list of five sites which will help you to write better and faster.

Writer’s Digest


Every writer should check out the Writer’s Digest site when he/she has some spare time. You’ll find everything here: from, writing tips, writing prompts, and tutorials to critique services and writing contests. Writer’s Digest is designed for writers, and it attempts to cover many different aspects of writing in its columns and featured articles. It offers at least one interview with a famous or semi-famous author in each issue.

Aside from the interviews, there might be topics about ways to break into the business of movie reviewing for newspapers or how to make your writing more concise and less wordy. Still another article might discuss ways to overcome writer’s block. The main goal of Writer’s Digest is to help the reader become a better writer and maybe even get a publication offer at some point in the future. 

Writer’s Digest is a good site for a writer, and I like it for the amount of its advice more than anything else.




Grammarly can help many writers. And it’s free! When you sign in, you copy and paste your text and it automatically checks your mistakes. When you click on an error, the grammar checker presents an explanation of the problem. It identifies possible solutions and explanations for your mistake. Grammarly helps identify: wrongly used prepositions, overuse of the passive voice and even wordy sentences which are hard to understand. And it gets better! After using this grammar checker on several articles, you can see the mistakes you make most often. Knowing your bad habits can help you to tune up your writing. Compared with Grammarly, the built-in grammar checker in Word is almost useless.

 Grammarly gives you an excellent online grammar knowledgebase, another line of defense for authors who self-publish and also quite useful for non-native English speakers and new writers. 

Hemingway Editor



Named after the author who was famous for his short and concise sentences, this app’s goal is to help you improve your writing.

The Hemingway app will help you like no other site will (except maybe Grammarly, which I mentioned above). This app starts by flagging five writing problems: hard to read sentences (yellow), very hard to read sentences (pink), complex words or phrases (purple), adverbs (blue), and the passive voice (green). It also gives you some quick counts such as the number of paragraphs, the number of sentences, the number of words, and the number of characters.

Plus, it gives your writing a readability score and assigns a grade. Which is quite cool, to be honest. There’s a writing mode (which turns off the editing features) and an edit mode. A basic spell checker underlines misspelled words with red dashes but, unlike Grammarly, offers no alternative spellings.


Poets and Writers 



Poets & Writers, Inc., is the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers. Founded in 1970, it is the USA’s largest nonprofit literary organization serving poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. The national office is located in New York City. The California branch office is based in Los Angeles.

Poets & Writers’ work is rooted in the belief that literature is vital to sustaining a vibrant culture. Its focus on nurturing literature’s source is on creative writers. Their mission is to foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.

P&W accomplishes this through Poets & Writers Magazine – an award-winning publication, a website that provides trustworthy advice, and information. There is also a lively online community for writers, Readings & Workshops, which pays writers fees for giving readings and leading workshops throughout New York and California, as well as in eight cities outside those states. Awards for writers include the $50,000 Jackson Poetry Prize, the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award, the Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award, and the Amy Award.

Free Rice



Writers love words, and with Free Rice you can show off your command of words and help feed the hungry at the same time. Simply log in, answer the questions, and for each correct answer you send ten grains of rice to those who need it most. There is a great possibility of learning new words because every level is harder than the one before. 

Free Rice exists to provide free education and help end world hunger. Somehow they manage to make it fun in the process. People respond well to the challenge of improving their scores, and everyone wants to play it themselves for the mental stimulation. And all the while, every correct answer drops another ten grains of rice into some hungry person’s bowl.

Interestingly, the site’s FAQ does more than answer typical questions. It presents issues that might be raised about hunger, about the nature of learning, and why the site even exists. The sponsors who pay for the donated rice are listed and linked to, and questions that a thoughtful adolescent might ask – like how much rice does it take to feed a person for a day – are addressed. There’s more to chew on here than just rice. Free Rice has donated over 96 billion grains of rice and has improved the minds of countless people along the way.

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