5 Ideas for Students to Earn Money

Student life is tricky. Everybody knows how difficult it is to be a student. Those long, tedious hours at University and you have no money in your pockets. Your parents may give you something per week, but it’s not enough. Maybe this is why so many places offer 50% discounts to students. They all know this is the only way they can get students to buy things that otherwise would not be accessible for them. Although this period is tough, students aren’t lost. Here are five ideas for students to make some bucks in their free time.

Online surveys

Be aware: this is not a method to get rich overnight. Online surveys only offer a few dollars per day or week, but it’s still an unusual way to make some pocket money. This activity is not going to change one student’s life overnight. The good thing is that at least it can bring him or her some pocket money for necessary things, and it’s not that time-consuming. Only a few minutes or hours per day can indeed increase his or her wealth and make him or her feel more comfortable with his status.

SH clothes

You can always clear out your closet and make some money out of it. We all have old clothes we don’t wear anymore. It would be a good idea to make something out of them since they only waste space. Other people can use and appreciate them as long as you don’t need them anymore. I always do this: when I don’t use something that’s taking up space for no purpose, I sell it ASAP. You can do this with anything you don’t use anymore. You can sell those things that only keep deteriorating while staying in your house and doing nothing.


If you are a patient person who likes to explain things, tutoring may be the thing for you. Technology has made it easier for us to tutor any person in the world. You can teach people anything you know to do. You can find multiple websites to share your knowledge or skills. Also, everywhere in the world, at least one person will be interested in what you have to say. Every person has a matching person in the world who’s interested in your voice and personality. This can also be empowering for those introverted people who can build their self-esteem while helping others.


Writing is not a task for writers only. Also, it’s not something that requires a vocation or a particular skill. It’s a task you can learn to do online in a short time. If you are lucky enough and writing comes naturally for you, then blogging is something small you can start doing right now. Blogging is the easiest way to start writing in the online world, and it’s also the quickest one. You can start blogging with one cheap or free option like WordPress or Blogger.

User testing

Another thing you can do online that can make you money is user testing. What does it mean? You can test multiple websites and get paid for it. How cool is that? It is easy to imagine that you surf websites every day, wasting your time, and you don’t get paid for it. This is your chance to get paid for something you can do comfortably and quickly. You can try Usertesting.com, which is a new platform that’s willing to pay people to test a variety of websites. You only need 20 minutes for each review, and you will get $10 in your Paypal account.

Students don’t have to be broke anymore. Together we can break this preconception now and forever. For those who have no clue what to do, these five ideas are the best to start with to make some pocket money. All you need is a little patience and perseverance to pursue your dreams. Every journey of a thousand steps begins with step one – so keep this in mind.

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