Five Classic Games That Will Help to Build a Good Team

A great team can successfully fulfill the most challenging assignment and also have fun on the way. We are giving you a few fun tips how to improve the atmosphere in your team.

Ask Your Teammate

All the team members should take a piece of paper and write 3 or more questions for the others. Papers should be collected in one bowl or hat, and then each of teammates will pick couple of papers and answer the questions. This game is a great way for the beginning of the cooperation, so the members can find out more about others’ personality, needs, aspirations, expectations, way of thinking, habits, problems, etc. Choose your questions smartly, since this game can help you to see who can be the right person for certain task, what is the best way to overcome the stressful situation, or to surprise your teammate for its birthday. A variety to this game is a bit sweeter, namely, the team leader can find bonbons in different colors, give 3 or more to each of the members, and then ask previously prepared questions. Then, those who have a certain color of bonbons should answer the question.


Secret Friend

Interesting way to improve the chemistry within the team members. The best time for starting this game is around holidays, but any time is good for a surprises, isn’t it? Again, teammates should write their names on paper, and then each of them can take one paper. They shouldn’t show whose name they got. Within seven days, a person should secretly do something nice for the selected team member. This can be some cute present, or another creative thing-your possibilities are endless. In order to add some spice into the game, you can make it thematic, and give some guidelines for the surprise. After this exciting week, you should all meet for a coffee and discuss the experiences with the surprises, guess why do you think you got exactly that, who was your “secret friend”, why do you think it’s that person, and the “secret friend” should explain why he/she decided to do/buy that for its friend. This is a great opportunity to discover how the others perceive you, but also to make the step forward the friendship.


Guess Who is This

Classical and well-known “reflection” game which is designed to help us see how our teammates would describe us, and consequently, make us space for discussion. Everyone should get a name of the person who should they describe in couple of sentences, but without physical characteristics and name, of course. The focus should be on persons’ virtues and flaws, wishes, specific reactions in certain situations, or something similar. The team should guess who the described person is. This game also gives us a chance to point out, but in a very amusing way, some little things that we might not like, or really appreciate, about our team member. The one can ask us why we have described him/her in that way, and hence pay more attention on some behavior in future. 


Desert Island

This is fun teambuilding game which improves creativity, ingenuity and teamwork. The game begins with an announcement that the team is stranded on the deserted island/moon/space whatever, they have to leave the ship and each of them can take only one thing. They should take time after and discuss why they have chosen that object, why is that so important to them, how they can use it. After that, team leader divides the team into smaller groups, and within the group, teammates should think how they can combine their objects in order to increase the chances for survival. After 10-15 minutes, groups present their plan to the team, and discuss whose idea is the most successful one, and why. The winning team can get a prize.


“Trust Walk”

Like the name says, is an activity that will help building the trust among the teammates. The idea is to form the pairs-one “guide” and one blindfolded who will spin couple of times, enough not to know in which direction is walking. The guide should help the blindfolded one to walk around the place avoiding any troubles but only with giving him verbal directions and warnings. After 10 minutes, they should change. During the game participants are learning to take care of their colleagues, take the responsibility, show to their team member how to do something, and trust their words and instructions.

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