Five Alternative Streaming Sites To Netflix

Streaming sites have become a big part of our lives in 2020, but if you have exhausted Netflix then here are some new ones to try.

Over the course of the last year, many of us have used Netflix as a way of staving off boredom and resting mentally in a tricky time. But instead of starting shows like The Office again, are there other streaming sites to try?

Whether you are interested in sport, history or bettering yourself, here are five streaming sites to try and get away from your usual batch of shows.



Have you exhausted all of the documentaries on streaming sites like Netflix? Well, CuriousityStream could be for you.

Hosting thousands of documentaries on history, science and even a category for children, this site allows you to explore different cultures and perspectives whilst getting away from the usual binge watching.

The packages are flexible and start from just $2.99 a month with a cancel anytime policy.

CuriousityStream also offers the perk of streaming in 4K – a real plus when watching those vivid nature documentaries.

Also in its favour is time – some episodes are short, clocking in at under 20 minutes, whilst others are feature length, meaning you can settle in to a documentary no matter what your schedule is.

We recommend starting with Bucket List South America, a series charting the incredible nature of places like the Amazon Rainforest and Patagonia.



Streaming sites don’t come more specific than this one with HistoryHit catering for all those history buffs.

Not only does this site have documentaries, it also has articles, podcasts and quizzes for you to consume.

Plenty of famous faces feature on HistoryHit with UK historian Dan Snow looking into Hitler’s Island Fortress and Eleanor Jonega charts life in medieval Britain.

All parts of the world are covered on this site as well as interviews with the likes of Sam Mendes and Ian Hislop.

Prices start at $4.99 a month with an easy cancellation policy. You can also gift this subscription to a loved one, who has a passion for history.

The documentary we liked the look of is Apollo 11: How Humans Reached the Moon, which charts the incredible story of man’s trip to the moon. Definitely an out-of-this-world tale.



As streaming sites go, this one is extremely new, but one not to be missed for any sport or adventure fan.

GCN, a UK-based cycling YouTube channel has grown from strength to strength in the last decade, starting out as a channel based purely on cycling, to expanding to cover running, triathlon and mountain biking.

Last year, they started hosting live road racing from across the world, including the Tour De France and the World Championships.

shutterstock 110745035
Tour De Force: GCN+ also includes live racing in their package

Now, they have branched out further, releasing a swath of documentaries about the sport of cycling.

But don’t let that put you off. Their videos include some incredible and inspirational wilderness pieces, such as Around The World In 80 Days, which follows adventure rider, Mark Beaumont, as he attempts to circumnavigate the planet in an eye-watering time.

Their introductory offer of $19.99 is very well priced and also includes GCN’s coverage of live racing too.


The Great Courses Plus

Want to educate yourself instead of sitting on the sofa with your fourth episode of your generic show of the day?

The Great Courses Plus allows you to expand your knowledge of whatever you are interested in such as food and wine, mathematics and philosophy.

Much like CuriousityStream, they have a section for young learners – something that can really help during this difficult time.

For some around the world, you will need to download their app to use as their website will not support you.

Although there is a plethora of content from experts across the globe, we would recommend trying The Power of Body Language.

This will give you great insight into how you can use non-verbal communication to your advantage, whilst being able to recognise traits in other too.

Of the streaming sites that we have listed so far, The Great Courses Plus is pricier, with a monthly fee of $49.95 a month. You can purchase courses separately, but this can add up very quickly.



Unlike the other streaming sites mentioned, Twitch is a platform primarily for gaming.

Twitch allows anyone with a decent computer, the opportunity to stream their games to whoever is willing to watch.

For some, this has become a lucrative business, with some streams reaching tens of thousands of people right around the world.

You can interact with the host as well in the chat function, as well as anyone else in the chat. This obviously can cause problems, so viewer discretion is advised when heading over to Twitch.

The service is free and available to cast to your TV too.

Streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime hold a high place in our hearts due to their addictiveness and accessibility, but by changing to a more educational platform, we can open our eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Try a new platform and see where it can take you, all for the same price of your usual streaming sites. Worth it, right?

Want to stick to Netflix but you want to try something new? How about these alternative documentaries?

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