Find Out the Latest Trends in Impact Investing with Ardo Ryan Dwitanto

As the Youth Global Forum 2018 draws closer, Youth Time International Movement are excited to invite experts and participants from all over the globe to share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. With just over a month before the event commences, we continue to interview the speakers and trainers who will pass on their expertise and advice to participants at the event. One of these experts is Ardo Ryan Dwitanto, Lecturer at IPMI International Business School, Jakarta Indonesia. 

Ardo Ryan Dwitanto teaches finance-related subjects, such as corporate finance, personal finance, and investment management. He has been doing so since 2005, when he graduated from a Master of Science Program in Finance, University of Indonesia (UI).

He began his teaching journey at the University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) Business School, Tangerang, in June 2005, before joining IPMI International Business School in June 2015. At IPMI, he also manages the IPMI Investment Gallery.

With the gallery, he has managed several public seminars in personal financial planning since 2016. He also co-founded an investor community at IPMI, namely the IPMI Investor Club.

Besides being an academician, Ardo Ryan Dwitanto is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). He practices financial planning advisory with the IPMI Investment Gallery and Sun Life Financial Indonesia.

Moreover, he is a doctoral student in research management at BINUS Business School, Jakarta.

In this pre-event interview, we aim to provide participants of the Youth Global Forum 2018 with insight into what they can expect from Ardo Dwitanto’s workshop on “Latest Trends in Impact Investment”.


Ardo, we are so excited to have you share your knowledge and experience in impact investment with us at the Youth Global Forum 2018. With that said, please share with us a short introduction about yourself.

As mentioned above, I am a teacher, a financial planner, an investor and a student. Through these roles, I am eager to make impacts on people, especially youth.

I was born and grew up in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. As Indonesia is a rich country with many different cultures, I come from a family with a multicultural background.

My father is Javanese (Jawa) and my mother is Manadonese (Manado). The Javanese speak a different language from the Manadonese, but I speak neither.

I currently live in the southern region of Jakarta with my wonderful family – my wife and one son. In my free time, I enjoy going into town and enjoying Tarik tea and steam bread with kaya. I’m also passionate about football, and am a big fan of Liverpool.


How does the Youth Global Forum 2018 align with your personal ethos and area of expertise?

I have a great desire to make a large positive impact on people and the forum focuses on a topic that is of interest to the community on a global scale.

I like the main topic, “Worldwide Impact Investing: The Role of Entrepreneurs”.

Impact investing has increasingly become an interest of mine. People around the world have become more educated and concerned about the negative impacts that businesses have made on society.

Entrepreneurs must take the initiative to promote impact investment for the sake of sustainability of their businesses.

Furthermore, the participants of the forum will originate from many different countries. Speaking in an international setting, such as the Youth Global Forum 2018 will make my dream come true.

I hope to engage with young social leaders who strive to make positive contributions in society, just as I do.

I truly enjoy collaborating with young people, as they tend to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and never cease pursuing their dreams.


Without giving too much away, please share with us a brief description of which particular spheres your workshop on “Latest Trends in Impact Investing” will cover?

There are three major things I will cover in my workshop.

First, I will introduce the concept of impact investment; what motivates it; why people have become more concerned with it.

Second, I will discuss how impact investment works and leads to the sustainability of business performance.

Third, I will talk about how everybody can be involved in impact investment.

Furthermore, I will share how businesses in Indonesia apply impact investment.

Indonesia is the fourth largest country in population.

Therefore, there are huge scale of grass roots on which business/investment can make impact.

Some social entrepreneurs in Indonesia have become unicorns. They are GoJek, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak.

Those companies have made tremendous impact, that I am willing to share information on during the workshop.

Besides that, I will share another form of social business in Indonesia, namely Koperasi.


Being well informed on the latest market trends is key toward ensuring a successful business. What knowledge can participants expect to gain from your workshop that will help them on their way toward prosperity whilst creating positive social impact?

Firstly, participants may get a clear concept about impact investment. After all, it is broad concept.

I will lead the participants to find clear view of impact investment by which they can apply. Second, participants will see how impact investment relates to the sustainability of business performance.

Many business people fail to see the value of impact investment as they don’t have a long-term perspective.

Third, participants may decide what role they can make to promote impact investment.

Many investors have committed to invest in impact business and they have a lot of money.

Fourth, participants will get some lessons from the implementation of impact businesses in Indonesia, such as Koperasi.


Is there any advice you can offer in advance to Youth Global Forum 2018 participants who will attend your workshop?

My workshop is useful for those who are eager to make impact on society.

By understanding their role in impact investing, participants can gain access to responsible investors who never stop looking for opportunities to invest in social and environmental business projects.

By adopting an impact investing view, participants may develop responsible businesses that automatically leading to good governance and attract many potential employees, partners, customers, and investors.

The amount of money that investors are pouring into to social enterprises has increased rapidly and will keep on increasing.

The public are wising up to the benefits of supporting businesses that adopt an impact approach and prefer to spend their money on products or services offered by such companies.

Photo: From the archive of Ardo Ryan Dwitanto

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