Secrets to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

An idea of a stable office job can either excite or frighten you, and if you are frightened then you probably have already thought of freelancing. Working from home, or from wherever you are at that given moment, looks like a seemingly easy thing to do; however, only a small minority of people manages to succeed in it.

Experts in freelancing have been sharing their tips for success online and there are a few that everyone seems to agree on. Firstly, if you want to become a successful freelancer, don’t think that work will come to you while you sit at home. The good things in life don’t come easy and it’s true for this job as well. If you want to be freelancing, start networking as soon as possible.

Contact people you know and let them know about the new field of your work. Let them know that you would be happy to accept new projects straight away and will gladly cooperate. Even if it’s not your dream project you will still gain experience and hopefully a positive reference, both extremely important for all freelancers. Take any chance to meet new people and get new contacts.

At the same time, even if you get a stable client, don’t expect them to last forever. Be ready to always contact new people and work with different clients. Always make sure you have a back-up plan if something doesn’t go exactly as planned. View your job as a series of opportunities to prove yourself, while also learning something new along the way.

When you are freelancing, you are creating a professional image for yourself; therefore, it is almost as if you were your own company, your own brand. Take your job seriously and make sure to meet deadlines and not underrate yourself. If you know your work is good, demand a reward that is appropriate.

Since you are your own brand, make sure to present yourself in the best light possible. How you come across in online correspondence as well as in person is extremely important and will either get you a job or not. Get on social media and make sure your profiles are adequate and presentable. Clients are many times looking for freelancers on LinkedIn and other social media. 

And lastly, in order to combat procrastination, set up a clear plan for your days. Make a decision that you will work every day from, for example, nine until eleven and make it happen. Don’t think that since you work from home, you can take as much time off as possible. Set up your own deadlines and devote enough time each day to your work.

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