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The world is going through a crisis and many careers are being shadowed by doubt, are start-ups the answer, to not just gain workplace sustainability, but also a more secure and happy future?

‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ Webinar Series

Next Webinar: Wednesday 9th of December 2020 @ 2pm CET (Central European Time)

Title: Businesses that solve problems – Experiences & Tips on start-ups during the current economic climate

Speakers: Aleksandar Dasic & Alina Pischalnikova

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Webinar Focus

This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ series and is focused on the current trend and prediction that start-ups are in a position to thrive and be vital to future workplace sustainability.

We will be joined by two speakers, both experienced entrepreneurs who have recently launched new start-ups in the current economic crisis. We will look at the reasons why they decided to launch at the times they have, what motivates their ideas, and tips on how to make them a success.


Who is the Webinar designed, and beneficial for?

This webinar would be suited to all from all backgrounds. Whether you’ve been thinking about launching an idea and going out on your own for some time, or if you’ve just begun and would like to share your struggles and successes, or whether you’re just interested in how the world is developing and the trends going on. This webinar should not be missed.


About the Speakers

New webinar Aleksandar Dasic
New webinar Aleksandar Dašić

Aleksandar Dašić is the founder of, online platform for vacation rental in Serbia. Two years before starting this platform, he created a website for promote domestic tourism in Serbia (

The whole idea behind these two websites is to connect his love for domestic tourism and to solve problems, from where to get information about the destination till where to book a place to stay.

Over the period of more than seven years, Aleksandar has realised numerous educational projects and distinguished himself as their originator, designer and leader of their realisation.

Furthermore, he is the founder of the website dedicated to young people. He was also one of the founders of Youth Office in Municipality Raska, the town where he grew up.

Aleksandar is one of the Youth Time ambassadors and during this programme, he acquired substantial knowledge and had the opportunity to meet, to get to know and work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

Passionate about traveling, he is an entrepreneur at heart who is always willing to share the latest discoveries with those around him.


Alina Pischalinkova

Alina Pischalinkova, New Webinar
Alina Pischalinkova

High level specialist in organising corporate events and hands on management with experience in the Netherlands and Russia, ex-recruiter and strongly committed leader in volunteering events.

Born in Siberia, Alina was ready for challenges since her first breath of cold winter air on February 19th. In 2005, She became the finalist of the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX). This programme was funded by the U.S. Department of State to cultivate relationships between America and citizens of the former Soviet Union.

After the year in the US ended, her goals unconsciously changed for the better. By studying international relations at Tomsk State University, Russia, she gained a complex vision of the modern world system, its laws, and mechanisms.

As for her latest career places, she worked as a Recruitment Specialist in PricewaterhouseCoopers and Assistant to the Regional HR Director in Robert Bosch Company in Moscow, Russia.

That experience helped her to understand the Russian Market and the company’s needs. During her university years, she has been actively involved in AIESEC, SIFE, and other non-profit organisations where she helped with implementations of social projects.

In June 2014 she moved to a beautiful country – the Netherlands. By learning fluent Dutch, she could easily integrate into society and find a job in event management and gain five years of experience in American companies.

Right now, she is on the way to become a professional stylist and open a business in this field. Eager to share her knowledge about the Dutch market and tips/tricks for future entrepreneurs.

Pictures Shutterstock and provided by Aleksandar Dašić and Alina Pischalnikova.

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