Everything You Need To Know About Google Algorithms & SEO

What is the Google Search mechanism? What is the role of the Google algorithm in SEO? Google algorithms are the starting point of what SEO optimization of any site is […]

What is the Google Search mechanism? What is the role of the Google algorithm in SEO? Google algorithms are the starting point of what SEO optimization of any site is based on. In order to implement an effective SEO strategy, there is a need to understand how the algorithms work and what their ultimate goal is. Their meaning is SEO basics.

Today, Google focuses on providing its users with accurate and high-quality information to match their search queries as accurately as possible. What do you need to know in order for the site to move up in the rankings, and how to monitor changes in the work of Google algorithms? Here you will find some theoretical and practical tips in order to start effective website promotion in 2022.

What Are Google Algorithms?

In simple terms, Google algorithms are machine learning engines whose purpose is to help the user find what they are looking for. Unfortunately for many SEO specialists and site owners, this set of algorithms is constantly changing, and complete information about what and how the algorithms are looking for is not made public. So, how does it work? There is important information regarding what these search algorithms take into account:

  • the meaning and purpose of the search query.
  • page usefulness.
  • how relevant the site page is to satisfy the user’s query.
  • source quality and reliability.
  • context of the user’s search query (taking into account previous search, location, Google profile settings, and so on.)

SEO specialists rely on such basic information and break down each item bit by bit in order to make the site relevant for the search. Therefore, the SEO direction is an industry in which it is necessary to instantly respond to user behavior as well as changes in the position of the site in the search. That is, there is no single SEO solution for every website. And this means that in order to effectively promote a website, it is necessary to customize the approach to SEO optimization.

How Often Do Search Engine Algorithms Change?

Search algorithms can be updated about a hundred times a year. However, just one slightest change can lead to a complete reboot of SEO approaches. But there are also such changes the presence of which are impossible to track. Fortunately, Google is announcing global changes in the system of search algorithms, which allows SEO specialists to find new tactics and develop effective strategies. Also, it is worth monitoring sites like MozCast or SEMrush that track changes in search algorithms.

Where to Start SEO Promotion Without Professional Help?

Despite the fact that there is no single panacea for all sites in the context of SEO promotion, it is possible to single out a certain must-do that will work regardless of the situation of a particular site or Google algorithm updates. This is what every site owner should have so as not to search algorithms to miss their website and fall to the bottom of the rankings.

The Presence of Authoritative Backlinks

The presence of backlinks today is something without which you can not break into the top of the search results. However, many pitfalls can be hidden at this stage. Google algorithms are very fond of backlinks. But algorithms also like to test these backlinks for relevance and authority. Therefore, when developing a backlink-building strategy, it is worth putting quality, not quantity, in the first place.

Using the guest posting strategy is an opportunity to get high-quality authoritative links that will help improve the position of the site at its peak. Some business owners buy links from education sites, since the platforms with such a domain have more influence.  The others write quality content for high-traffic news sites, some use comments mentioning their site. Regardless of which method you choose to get backlinks, it is worth remembering that quality will bring much more value and aim to get 1-3 backlinks from trusted and authoritative resources than 10 from sites with low authority. Check out tips on how to place guest articles right.

The Presence of Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, Google and Google-related searches algorithm, strive to provide the most accurate result for a query. Just remember what results were a few years ago and what results are today. Even a query with a minimal set of keywords, today can lead the user to the relevant and context-based answer. Based on this, the quality of content today plays a key role. What content are we talking about? Below are the evergreen rules for content creation:

  • make sure of the relevance of the information;
  • make the content useful and share practical recommendations.
  • ensure high readability of the text;
  • avoid keyword spamming.

To find an example of such content, enter a query and look at the several top articles. Such сontent can serve as an example of what an article should be to get into the top rankings.

User-Friendly Site

User experience also plays a role in how the site ranks in SERP. If the site has problems with the page loading or there is a high bounce rate, search algorithms will consider such a site to be of poor quality. Accordingly, it will lower the position of your blog or corporate website in the search result. Here’s what you need to do right now:

  • optimize the loading speed of all pages of the site;
  • optimize the mobile version of the site;
  • use tags, meta descriptions, alt tags;
  • create the internal structure of the site, navigation, and information architecture;
  • create the adaptive website design;
  • improve your brand identity with the help of design (visit site to get more tips for brand promotion in such a way);
  • work on content optimization (text, video, images).

Wrapping Up

As you see, the Google algorithm drives the SEO industry. To implement the right SEO strategy,  there is a need to monitor all the changes, trends, and your website performance, staying ready to quickly adjust your promotion tactics.  


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