This article is opinion of YT Ambassador in France Baptiste Amieux on a gun attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris yesterday (January 7) morning.

Terrorists attacks in France – When Barbarity knocks at civilization’s door, human beings put one knee on the ground but stand tall, shoulder to shoulder.

In life, you can be strong, stand tall, democratic, brilliant, cold blooded, but when something like this comes to you, all values you have been raised with, moral you believed in, faith you had in any kind of religion, everything which makes of you a human being and its sensitivity is taken down, it’s a blow to your existence itself and a question mark to the mankind.

Yesterday, in Paris, barbarity had a showcase of their daily inhumanities across the world. 12 people died, from different religions, different origins, different professions, killed coldish by 2 men, for a drawing. As provocative and controversy it was, it remained a drawing, something you do with a paper, a pen and your hand, this childish act, which, in this case, caused death and terror. Islam or Catholicism, it’s not the matter, it’s not the debate, everyone has the right to claim its own opinion, but the reaction, the modus operandi to punish and express a disagreement crossed the line.

In North Africa, and in particular in Tunisia, population is facing such terrorism every week, policemen and soldiers giving their lives for people’s freedom, national security and democracy auto-determination. Please don’t forget them.

Since yesterday, we can see numerous reactions claiming Charlie Hebdo deserves or knew the risk, going too far into provocation. First of all, people should know Charlie Hebdo has been mocking all religions, all kind of power, this is a sarcastic newspaper, and they make of fun of everything, without any taboo. Second, everyone can express its dissatisfaction, or shock, in front of those pictures; they can write, draw or speak out; this is an answer to provocation. Myself, I have been shocked many times by Charlie Hebdo, but saying they deserve death by provoking, wouldn’t be the same to say that sheep deserve to be eaten, because they provoke wolves looking tasty?

Muslims, Jewish, Catholics, Hindu, Orthodox, we should not pray for anyone’s death, we should not wish it and never give it, for any reasons.

It is indeed a terrible day for France and its citizens, but it is even more for humanity. For the first time, right of expression is targeted, the very first fundamental right of a democracy and human beings. Charlie Hebdo has been punished for drawing, we are all mourning.

What’s next? It’s time to stand taller, as one person, one hope, against violence, of any kind and towards anyone for any cause. It’s time to show up, to face those people and tell them: “I am not afraid, and I won’t give up, Kill one, you will get millions more to face”.

I am French, I am 25 years old, and I had the worst day of my life, but I am alive and determinate.

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