From Consumerism to Creativity (Part II): Ego vs True Ourselves

Having considered Ego as the major stumbling block on our way to Creativity, we have to admit an important fact – Ego itself is not an enemy of us. It is a vehicle for survival and if used rightly what a great instrument it is!

The trick is that we not merely use our mind but our mind uses us – through our identification with it. It happens unconsciously and we don’t even know that we are its slaves. So it turns out that we live to serve our Ego instead of being true ourselves – the greatest Creators ever.

Creativity is Universal energy which we all are part of.

«To be and to be creative are synonymous. It is impossible to be and not to be creative. But that impossible thing, that ugly phenomenon has happened, because all your creative sources have been plugged, blocked, destroyed, and your whole energy has been forced into some activity that the society thinks is going to pay». Osho

Creativity is our true essence, our nature – as it meant to be according to the Lord’s idea of the Universe. It is an eternal state of happiness in contrast with the feeling of passing satisfaction which Ego can give us.

The only way to reach this state is freeing ourselves from our minds. And the beginning of freedom is the realization that we are not the ones who think – we are the one who observe the thinkers. We are everything which is above, beyond the flood of thoughts and the ones who are thinking these thoughts. The true «us» is Silence.

And I would say it is unbelievably hard for most of us to hear the Silence. It is a long journey that takes years and lives to come to Consciousness and discover the true ourselves. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth being chosen.

As for Ego – you’ve already been there, you’ve seen what it makes with us: an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images and judgments which always comes between you and yourself, male and female, people and nature, between nations and religions creating the illusion of separateness, the illusion that there is you and a totally separate «other».

Don’t you think it’s high time to try a different way? To wake up and realize that all the things which truly matter – love, beauty, creativity, happiness, peace – arise from beyond the Ego, the mind, the thinker.

Next part will be dedicated to practical techniques of liberation from the mind.

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