Dream Scholarship For Travellers

Canadian travel company TourRadar offers a great scholarship for young travellers from all over the world. Get your chance to win $2,000 prize money and two weeks industry experience in Toronto! Deadline to apply is April 30th. 

The TourRadar Travel Scholarship is an award offered to students all over the globe who are currently enrolled in travel related tertiary education courses. The scholarship is designed to assist students who are passionate about the travel industry, while allowing them to gain  experience, industry knowledge, and help further their education.

In order to apply, you should submit a video featuring a single destination: 

  • Give an overview of the destination, reasons people would want to travel there and what the highlights of the area are
  • Show your enthusiasm for the destination with yourself being featured in the video
  • Ascertain a certain quality. We are not looking for professional videos, but production quality will be taken into consideration, alongside quality of information
  • Be between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes in length

You have also submit an essay (400 words maximum) explaining how you will use the scholarship award to further your education and experience within the travel industry.

Important! Please note, that organisers do not require applications to feature exotic or “far away from you” destinations. This scholarship open to all, so featuring your local town, suburb or city.

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