Have a Busy Day? Give Your Brain a Chocolate Boost

Researches at Columbia University examined more than three dozen participants. They asked one half of them to drink a chocolate, high-flavanol beverage every day for three months and the other half to drink a chocolate beverage without flavanol. They found out that apart from being irresistibly delicious, chocolate has many health benefits.

Dark chocolate is a great antioxidant, a new study of Columbia University has found that it could also help your memory. There is a chemical compound found in chocolate called flavanols, that has other health benefits, such as protection from the flu, lowered stress, improved heart health, protection from the sun’s UV rays, and even weight control.

At the end of the experiment the participants in the high-flavanol group did 25% better on memory tests in comparison to the participants from the other group. They also showed higher levels of activity in their dentate gyrus, a part of the brain’s hippocampus that has been linked with memory.

And its important to know, many of the healthiest flavanols are processed out of milk chocolate, so if you want to give your memory this delicious boost, focus on the dark chocolate.

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