Capitalizing on minimalism to save money and time

Identifying what is essential in your life and having the courage to let go of the rest can save you time and money. Where do you start from becoming a minimalist? Decluttering? Intentional buying? Savings? Budgeting? Each person’s lifestyle will determine.

A minimalist lifestyle does not mean you would stop purchasing and consuming things. You would do so with a different mindset and control over what you spend on what you need. Do you truly need what you spend on? Your expenditures would be more valuable to you. Basically being intentional about every penny.

The money you can save through minimalism can go a long way when invested.


Anyone can become a minimalist

Minimalist is not for the poor. Most rich people are living a minimalist lifestyle. Gaining their riches was not an overnight success, thus making them more intentional about where their monies are going to.

Everyone can become a minimalist. The only challenge is you and your mindset. It is never easy to discipline oneself. When ever you are burnt on making a positive change, you are forced to slow your progress.  So many things can stand in your way. Procrastination, one-last-shop syndrome and every excuse you can think of.


Easiest steps of living a minimalist lifestyle

  • Buy Reusables

Single use products add up to the clutter. Did you know that you could win a discount if you go to your favorite coffee shop with your reusable takeout cup? Yeah, good privileges. The next time you declutter your home, lookout for old things you can reuse. It can be your wine bottles. You can make as a vase to decorate your space. Or any containers you can use for storage for your rice, beans etc than to purchase another. And as you do so, get rid of anything you can not reuse.

  • Sell unwanted items

It is okay to gift your unwanted items to family or friends but we are looking at saving money in these times. While decluttering, there are items you would find not useful for you but worthy to be sold. There are so many thrift stores you can sale these items to or post them and any of your social media platforms and you would be surprised at the outcome.

  • Buy quality and not quantity

Investing in quality gives you longevity in using your product. Some cheap products can give you longevity nonetheless save yourself the trouble. Cast your mind to how many times you had to fix that cheap shoe you bought. “Adadis” shoe carrying the same logo as Adidas but way cheaper got you thinking you have got the best deal. Buying quality will save you money from repairing and frequent purchases.

  • Spending assessment

Your spending habits needs some scrutiny. Reviewing your weekly or monthly expenses is a way to improve your overall spending. There are things that have become a lifestyle and we begin to think we cannot live without. It could be the weekend hangout with friends  that is  taking so much from your coffers. Spend time with yourself and audit your finances.

  • Stay content

Knowing that things are okay just the way they are is a personal perspective. This perspective helps you to live in your means as the saying goes “cut your coat according to your cloth”.  Being content and practicing  gratitude is also a way to cut on overspending. More often we overspend based off what we see in our everyday lives. What we see our friends own or the flashy lifestyle on social media we desire to emulate.

These steps might be titled the easiest steps but as said earlier self discipline is a good foundation to start.


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