Can Music Help You Sleep Faster?

You might have always wondered how you can stimulate sleep. Is it the food that you eat, the night routine you follow, or the books that you read that can help you fall asleep faster?

Music is one of the best sources to help in easing your stress, balance your hormones, and improve the quality of sleep. Music has that power that can trigger a variety of brain chemicals that release toxicity and don’t let the mind wander. Researchers, Dickinson and Schubert have found that music can not only help you sleep faster but also can improve sleeping quality.

Nowadays, life moves quite fast and we’re all under pressure. As we need to release this pressure in the morning and feel motivated, we play upbeat music. Yet, when you want to create some positive energy to make you fall asleep faster, creating fake scenarios in your head isn’t a choice. Instead, you can play these five types of music or sounds.


Classical Music

When you listen to classical music, your thoughts slow down. Since this genre of music doesn’t include lyrics, it’s easier for you to focus on the melody and not let your thoughts wander. It depends all on your taste and which classical composer you prefer. Some people can fall asleep with Eric Satie’s music whereas others might find soothing the songs from the new age. You might choose what’s best for you, starting from Beethoven to Adagio, to Strings by Samuel Barber.


Meditation Music and Nature Sounds

Humans already know the soothing sounds of nature. As soon as one hears these sounds they connect them to peace and become one with nature. While making research at the University of Sussex, they found that nature sounds led people to inward focus. Inward-focused attention is connected to the states such as anxiety, stress, and depression. All of these can deprive you of sleep. If you don’t live somewhere where you can enjoy the sounds of birds chirping or the river streaming, listen to these digital sounds.


Slow and Soft Songs

Songs that contain lyrics but aren’t complicated help decrease the heart rate and relax your body muscles. When listening to slow and soft songs, the aim is to create a relaxing environment. You should choose songs that don’t make you emotional or ruminate. You can listen to the words but it is important for those words to not create anxiety and make you feel uneasy. Comfort music is the best for this situation. You can find tons of playlists to listen to either on YouTube or Spotify. You can start small by listening to The Simplest Things by Michael Carreon or Dawning of Spring by Anson Seabra.


ASMR Tunes

Most people enjoy falling asleep to a sound of a car, zipping a bag, or the soft sound of a mic brushing. This type of sound is considered a monotonous sound that helps you focus and not contemplate. There are a lot of playlists that you can choose to listen to, on Spotify, there is a playlist called ASMR Sleep Sounds. This playlist combines different ASMR sounds such as Frogs in the Creek, Male Inaudible Whispers, and Scraping Tingles.


Improve Your Sleeping Routine with Music

  1. Make it a habit. Try every night to create the same type of routine. Creating a basic routine will make it easier for you to incorporate music and sleep faster.
  2. Make a playlist with songs that you enjoy but that help you relax too. You can make a playlist with the same genre of songs or you can mix them. It will be fine as long as shuffling doesn’t negatively impact your sleeping routine.
  3. Keep the bedroom cozy and dark. It’s very important for the setting to be in sync with the music. This way it has a bigger impact on the routine. You can light a candle, turn off the light, and listen to music.
  4. Play the music on speakers so you can enjoy it fully. Avoid using headphones since they can damage your hearing and give you headaches.


In the end, it all depends on your personality and what helps you calm and focus easily.If meditating helps you release the negative energy and stimulates sleeping, that’s totally alright. None of it is wrong. Do what you enjoy the most and what impacts positively on your sleeping routine.


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