Best Cafes in Prague for Studying and Working

Many young people today prefer to study or work in an inspiring and motivating environment of a good cafe rather than at home or office. We decided to put together several lists of such places in the most interesting European cities, starting with Prague. Student Zone has come up with a list of top coffeehouses in Prague that enable youngsters to concentrate on their work.


Cafedu was founded about half a year ago when a PhD student Iva Pejsarová returned from a study exchange in England and decided to establish a new concept that she thought was missing in Prague – a coffeehouse designed for studying. This café is located a short walk from the National Museum and the Muzeum metro station, which makes it close to many major universities in the city. Apart from the café itself, there are study rooms with Wi-Fi and machines for printing and copying. The place is open 24 hours!

Kavárna Na Hollaru

Surroundings of the National Theatre and Národní street have always been (and will probably always be) a popular student hub. Students from the Charles University and FAMU (Film Academy of Performing Arts) have always frequented local cafes such as Standard and Café Atmosphere, but the resourceful journalism, marketing and political science students organized a new place right in the heart of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The café has excellent coffee and a good atmosphere.

Friends Coffee House

Although the Friends Coffee House is located in one of the streets close to the Wenceslas Square, the prices are affordable and coffee is great. The place also offers quality tea. It is possible to choose between two rooms for studying – one is rather light and spacious, and the other darker and cozy.

Unijazz Study Hall (Čítárna)

Those who don’t know this place already will probably never find out about it, as it is hidden on the fourth floor of the building in Jidřišská street. Few years ago, knowing a password was necessary for getting it, today, visitors can only ring a bell and go up a few stairs. Different readings, discussions and film screenings take place here, attracting students from all over the city.

Anonymous Coffee

Anonymous Coffee can be found close to I.P. Pavlova; therefore, the prices here are slightly higher. Still, it is absolutely worth it, as the environment of this coffeehouse is designed to stimulate the mind and creativity. Although located on a busy street, students can find peace here ideal for studying.

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