Let’s Dance, Student! Ball Season in the Czech Republic Has Officially Started

Did you know that tradition of formal balls is still alive in the 21st century? Ball has a very unique tradition in the Czech Republic. Even every small town and village in Czech has its own ball. For local youngsters it is an excellent occasion to meet friends, chat and of course dance.

The balls in Czech are supposed to begin in February once Lent is over, however this isn’t followed too strictly anymore and the some even begin around the middle of December and finish in March.

Czechs have a long tradition of ballroom dancing. Boys and girls are usually signed up for dance class by their parents around the age of 18. The tradition dates as far back as 1918 – the founding of The First Czechoslovakian Republic. But almost every Czech has taken classes in their youth. Ballroom dancing classes are popular in other European countries too, but Czech Republic is unique because they aren’t just for the richer upper class but really for everyone. The dance classes are an important part of social and school lives of Czech teenagers.

The girls wear long ball gowns and the boys wear suits to every lesson. It is common for the girls to prepay for lessons and give them as a present to a potential partner. If the girl doesn’t have a partner then while signing up she needs to write about her level of experience dancing and her height and she will be matched with an appropriately chosen boy.

The classes are strict and require proper behavior along with a fancy dress code. The final event is an important rite of passage and acts as a milestone of maturity. The dancers parents are invited, there are exhibition danced by professional dancers and tombola. The host or organizer finds sponsors to buy gifts and dancers can buy tickets throughout the night. At midnight a number is drawn. Although it depends on the organizer, but classic Czech tombola prizes include a sack of wheat or a fresh wild boar.

There are many different schools and they all have their own style. Some are less traditional and have no dress code or are for women only. The more traditional ones can be very strict, specifying the length of a girls skirt and the arch of her high heels. Some schools give scores to the dancers and the wrong outfit can result in a low score. Men are sometimes required to wear shoes from specific materials – the sole usually has to be leather or synthetic.

So while you may find young Czechs twerking at the disco on weekends, don’t forget that most of them are also capable or learning the traditional and graceful ballroom dancing styles.

Here is the list of biggest March balls in the Czech Republic.

Ball of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague

11th March 2015, Prague

Not only students who do sports, but those who are not indifferent to an active and healthy life style are welcomed. However you should change your sneakers and sportswear to something more festive.  

Wine makers´ ball

14th March 2015, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

Popular musicians and singers from this region will play at this wine makers´ ball. Organizers promise not only a rich cultural program, but also a culinary one – wine degustations will also take place there.

Speleologists´ ball

14th March 2015, Bozkov

The members of Czech Speleological Society and all other lovers of caves and geology are kindly invited to the 26th ball in Bozkov, not far from well-known dolomite caves.

Beer Ball

20th March 2015, LIberec

There are many balls for lovers of local beer held in Czech Republic. This time the festival will take place near the German border.

Pyjamas ball

21st March 2015, Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

The 10th Pyjamas ball will take place in a community centre and it will unite lovers of the national music. They promise free entrance for those who will come in pyjamas. 

You will easily find information about other balls in Czech Republic on www.kamnaples.cz

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