Are You Emotionally Intelligent? 10 Signs That Prove You Are!

Emotional intelligence (EQ) influences the way we behave and how we make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Dr Travis Bradberry argues that EQ is more important than IQ. Dr Bradberry believes these are the signs that prove you have a high EQ.

  • “You have a robust emotional vocabulary”

According to the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, people with a high EQ control their emotions because they are aware of their existence, and they use their broad vocabulary to understand them. Emotionally intelligent persons do not use “good” or “bad” to express their feelings –they can identify whether they feel “frustrated”, “anxious” or “irritable.”

  • “You are curious about people”

Emotionally intelligent people are curious about everything around them because they are highly empathetic. If you care about what happens to people and what they are going through you are definitely an emotionally intelligent person.

  • “You embrace change”

If you are a flexible person who constantly adapts to different situations and types of people, you are emotionally intelligent. People with a high EQ “know that fear of change is paralysing and a major threat to their success and happiness,” Dr Bradberry wrote in a LinkedIn post. They always have a plan in case these changes occur.

  • “You know your strengths and weaknesses”

People with a high EQ know what they are good at and what they are terrible at. If you have a high EQ, this means you know how to use your strengths to your full advantage and how to prevent your weakness from holding you back.

  • “You’re a good judge of character”

A high EQ goes hand in hand with social awareness. If you are an emotionally intelligent person, you can easily read other people and you understand what they are going through. In short, you are a good judge of character when you understand people’s motivations even when they are not so obvious.

  • “You are difficult to offend”

People cannot offend you so easily if you have a high EQ, because you are an open-minded and self-confident person who understands that people make jokes and even if they want to hurt your feelings, their reasons come from their own problems.

  • “You give and expect nothing in return”

Dr Bradberry believes that emotionally intelligent people establish strong relationships because they are always thinking about others. People who give and expect nothing in return have a high EQ.

  • “You let go of mistakes”

Those who distance themselves from their mistakes, but don’t forget them are likely to become successful because of their ability to transform failures into successes. Emotionally intelligent people don’t take “no” for an answer and even if they fall, they get up every single time.

  • “You don’t hold grudges”

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia discovered that holding onto stress translates into high blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, it is safe to say that holding grudges will make you sick. Emotionally intelligent people “know to avoid this at all costs,” the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 believes.

  • “You don’t seek perfection”

People who have a high EQ are perfectly happy with their imperfect nature and understand that trying to achieve perfection will only make them miserable. If you are emotionally intelligent, you know that chasing perfection is like chasing an illusion.

Emotionally intelligent people also know how to neutralize toxic persons, know how to say no, appreciate what they have, disconnect, get enough sleep and won’t let anyone limit their joy.  

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