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Laura Vanderkam, the author of "168 hours", the book about the lost time, has calculated that if you spend 50 hours a week at work, sleep for 8 hours every night and spend 3 hours a day with kids, you still have 41 hours of free time left. It is more than a quarter of the entire week. You would probably wonder, “Where did this time go?”

In order for such questions not to arise anymore, you should make up a timetable with 168 stripes (the exact number of hours in a week), and fill it with all your vital activities. Everything what’s left is a pointless waste of time. However, you don’t have to draw out a table on the paper, because modern developers have already created everything we need. Just save some extra minutes of your time.



If you miss a quiz with some personal questions, then you should try out Reporter. It is a platform that will enable you to trace all information regarding the way to spend you time. During the day it will ask you to fill out a form by answering a series of questions. It might be a harmless inquiry about your night sleep or the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed. But don’t worry, this application can be configured and all questions can be altered. After a few days, check this application and see how Reporter visualized your time in diagrams. The application is available only for iPhone for the price of $3.99.



Its laconic name perfectly matches its content. Hours is another application that is available for iPhone users. It keeps the track of time, all you have to do is to name the task you are working on right now and it will launch the timer. You can add as many timers as you want, and create work schedulers that will be sending you various notifications. As the result, you will have neat timetables which would give you a clear picture of how you spend your time. It will cost you $4.99. Android has an alternative for this application which is more expensive and sophisticated. It is called HoursTacker and it is priced slightly higher at $7. Jiffy would be suitable for those who appreciate simplicity and pleasant interface.

Sleep Cycle


Perhaps there is a solution to a long-standing problem that concerns the lacks of sleep. If parents no longer send you to bed or wake you up, then SleeperCycle would gladly replace them. All you have to do it spend some money (iPhone – $4.99, Android – $2.99) and enter some information about your habits. An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns will wake you up precisely during the non-REM phase. The developers assure that it is the only way to wake up well-rested and even check you sleeping schedule. The creators of Relax&Sleep by Glenn Harold (hypnotic sessions) are promising almost the same effect, Pzizz Sleep (coping with insomnia, short naps), Sleep Genius (revolutionary approach to you sleeping). The choice of whether to sleep or not is up to you.                            



You are probably keep forgetting about precious minutes and wasted opportunities while browsing through your favorite website. RescueTime will help you to deal with this addiction, or at least you would be able to realize its depth. The application runs on most platforms and registers all your Internet activities. It can also block some websites or make some recommendations regarding browsing limitations. As the result, you will get a formidable set of countdowns and analytical tools. This application is also available on PC.  



This application is a real treasure for those who like having all at once. It works in the background mode and traces my location, occupation, important events and professional activities. Sometimes Chronos asks you to add certain information. You won’t be disappointed, as the complete picture of your daily activities will appear before you as a visualized map of a diagram.

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