Apply Now For Korean Government Scholarship

Applications are now open for 2017 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). It is open to international students for pursuing undergraduate programme. Deadline to apply is October 31.

The Korean Government Scholarship Program for undergraduate degrees is designed to provide international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea for Bachelor-level degrees. The scholarship program is paid by the Government of the Republic of Korea for foreign nationals in the Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Education organized, responsible for the project implementation agency directly under the Ministry of Education National Institute for International Education.

Applicants must choose their desired fields of study from the listed programs in the University Information section provided by participating universities (for scholarship via Korean Embassies) or Engineering or Nature Science majors of study from the listed programs in the Regional University Information (for scholarship via the Regional Universities). The field of study which exceeds 4 years (e.g. Medicine, dentistry, architecture, pharmacy) is not allowed even though it is included in the above mentioned book.

Main criteria

  • An applicant and his or her parents must be citizens of the country where this scholarship is offered. Neither the applicant nor the parents should hold the Korean citizenship. (See below)
  • An applicant must be under 25 years of age as of March 1, 2017 (Should be born after March, 1, 1992).
  • An applicant must have graduated or be expected to graduate from a high school as of March 1, 2017
  • An applicant must either have the cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A.) of 80% (out of 100%), or be ranked within the top 20% throughout the entire high school period. G.P.A. should be 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, 3.23/5.0 or higher
  • An applicant should never have been awarded with any scholarship programs from Korea for an undergraduate degree program.
  • Applicants who have proficiency in the Korean or English language will be given preference.
  • Descendants of the Korean War veterans will be given preference.

Nationality: Total Number of Scholars to Be Selected: 79 [from 63 countries]: Afghanistan, El Salvador, Mexico, Singapore, Angola, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Mozambique, Sweden, Bangladesh, Ghana, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Thailand, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Timor-Este, Bhutan, Iran, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Cambodia, Iraq, Paraguay, Turkey, Chile, Japan, Peru, Turkmenistan, Colombia, Jordan, Philippines, Uganda, Congo(DRC), Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Russia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Laos, Senegal, Venezuela, Malaysia, Sudan and Vietnam.

The scholarship is fully cover all expanses including airplane tickets, medical insurance, tuition and Korean language training. All scholars will be provided with monthly stipend and settlement allowance.

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