American Universities Stay In Top Spot In Chinese List Of World’s Universities

Shanghai Ranking, or the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), publishes an annual list with 500 Universities that have shown the best results during the preceding year.

There are several criteria that determine how successful a University is, such as quality of education shown through the number of alumni who are Nobel laureates and Fields Medalists; then quality of faculty as measured by the number of staff who are Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists, as well as highly cited researchers in 21 broad subject categories; next is research output as indicated by papers published in Nature and Science, papers indexed in the Science Citation Index-expanded and the Social Science Citation Index; and finally the academic performance per capita of each institution.

Let’s see which 500 Universities have shown the best results for 2015:

1. Harvard University (USA)

2. Stanford University (USA)

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

4. University of California, Berkley (USA)

5. University of Cambridge (UK)

6. Princeton University (USA)

7. California Institute of Technology (USA)

8. Columbia University (USA)

9. University of Chicago (USA)

10. University of Oxford (UK)

Click here to see full list.

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